Who doesn’t like kissing? Traditionally, it’s what defines romantic love. The days when LGBT people couldn’t kiss their partners in public are thankfully gone (at least in many parts of the West) – though in some areas you still have to be careful. There are endless ways to kiss and you’ll work out what your partner likes. It can be tender, sloppy, brutal, with or without tongues, romantic of just plain animalistic. Then, of course, there are the decidedly filthy kisses known as “snow balling” (an acquired taste, so to speak) – forget swapping saliva, this is all about the spunk.


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  • Since I'm new at this, kissing a man period is still a lil weird to me. But, I would make out hard with a clean shaved man who has some really full lips. It makes me hard thinking about it. ...
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  • Fucking and Kissing.

    Does anyone find it a massive turn on to be kissed passionately by your partner whilst being fucked hard in the missionary position? ...
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  • Easy one, everyone should have a story... My best, making out all over a bar in the village, and having onlookers ooo and ahh and yelling "get a room".. It was wonderful. ...
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