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Gay Kissing: one's favourite hobby

Oh, the pure beauty and delicious filth of Gay Kissing. It’s the simplest yet most powerful means of showing our love and passion. A kiss conveys so many complex emotions. And no one kiss is the same. Every man has his own way of kissing. And each kiss captures and heightens or softens a moment in time. A kiss is the essence of sexual chemistry. But it’s also so much more than this. Our lives and memories are shaped by the men we have kissed.

What does the history of Gay Men Kissing look like?

The history of queer love is one of persecution and erasure. Advances in equality have only come about through courage and visibility. And what’s one of the most powerful ways of being visible? Kissing of course. This means that Gay Kissing is both a private and public act. Moreover, it’s political. It boldly states that gay people are not going to hide in the shadows. And that love between two men is equal to heterosexual relationships. However, in some parts of the world, Gay Kissing still carries a hefty penalty. For example, in Dubai, all kissing in public is illegal. But even in so-called liberal countries, Gay Men Kissing can cause an uproar among homophobes. This means that gay men still have to be careful where they choose to display their desire.

What are the different types of Gay Kissing?

Kissing can be tender, passionate and even ferocious. A kiss can soothe or inflame. It can be given out of love or a riot or desire. Or even anger. But every kiss has the potential to transform a moment. And a person. Passionate kissing before sex is an integral part of foreplay. And only a prude thinks kisses are solely meant for the mouth. String beads of kisses down his chest, across his stomach and then…Well, more on that below! Truly rampant kissing can involve using up to34 facial muscles. Who even knew we possessed so many? Use them all imaginatively and you’re getting a serious calorie shredding workout. And what gay man doesn’t crave that?

What about the filthiest Gay Kissing?

Adoring. Intimate. Lustful. Playful. Unbridled. Gay Kissing can be all of these things. But it should never be timid or ashamed. And that’s where the truly filthy kissing comes. Why limit it to saliva when there’s rich piping cream to be had? Everything’s an acquired taste of course. But for some Snowballing, spitting spunk into your hunk’s mouth after guzzling the gun, is a menu essential. And there are countless other gooey ways you can reinvent kissing. Just find someone with as sticky and sweet an imagination as yours. Get hunting on

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