Keep those eyes open

I always feel like somebody's watching meeee!

Do you fantasise about being watched as you get down to some serious bone jumping? After all, you’ve put hours in at the gym. Your body is fast becoming a work of art. One could claim it’s rude not to share such aesthetic delights with all and sundry. Gay Exhibitionism is the unrepentant, sex-positive celebration of the erotic. It’s shameless. Thrilling. Daring. And empowering.

What does Gay Exhibitionism involve? 

Like all kinks, Gay Exhibitionism exists on a spectrum. Do you love being spotted parading around in your birthday suit? Or are you a full-on Sexual Showman? Happy for a packed house to cheer on your screams of passion as you toss that hot dog down the hallway? Hell, you’re so good you could even charge. And indeed many of us do. Webcamming can be a most lucrative side hustle. The trick is discovering what turns you on. What you’re comfortable doing. Whether alone. Or with your partner. Or indeed with multiple partners. Gangbangs galore!

What are the top tips for exploring Gay Exhibitionism?

The most enlightening and life-changing sexual experiences often happen when we least expect them. Does a bit of mutual knocking one out send you into a paroxysm of desire? If so, go with the flow. And who knows where that may lead? Shed those inhibitions. You’ll know when it’s right to take your antics to the next level of pleasure. Group action at a sex party is the perfect sphere for Gay Exhibitionism. Strut that schlong down the sauna. Or sex club. Plentiful play areas await. As do the greediest of participants.

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Gay men rightly have a reputation for being sexually adventurous. And Cruising for sex epitomises this. A bang in a bedroom can be boring. Why not mix it up with a sausage-athon in a public space? Or perhaps saunter down to the woods in search of a fast, furious, anonymous encounter. Gay Cruising is as much about the thrill of the hunt as the pounding.
There is a time and place for all sexual mischief. After all, what is sex about if not to keep oneself open to every possibility? As much as we are all fond of a prolonged, furious bangathon, it’s not always practical. Time is precious. A Gay Quickie offers the perfect solution. Fast and frequently furious sex. Sex that takes you by surprise. The joy with the Gay Quickie is that there are no rules. Surprise is everything. As is the daredevil thrill of discovery.
Tell a straight person this is a place where men can have endless anonymous sex in an array of private cabins, darkrooms, glory holes and communal areas, and their fascination will know no bounds. These places are generally unique to gay men, though some saunas holds nights for lesbians. The size of the steam room is beside the point. You’re not going there to open up your pores, but to open up another part of your anatomy – or someone else’s depending on your preference. Get lucky, and you may bump into a porn star; but on a bad day you can pace the corridors for hours looking for that elusive fuck.