So you think you’ve got the hottest body and that everyone should see it? Why else have you spent all those hours down the gym working on that washboard stomach if not to show it off? Exhibitionists get a thrill from parading their parts in public. The biggest dick in town? Gay saunas, beaches and cruising grounds all give people the chance to parade their wares. Just don’t stand at your window flicking your bits to the elderly neighbour or family opposite or you’ll find you’ll be breaking the law.


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  • Hello Everyone i dont know how many here have fetishes & are afraid to come forward well ill start this off my Fetish is i love wearing Diapers & have since i was about 12 yrs old & dont k ...
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  • Burp fetish

    Hey guys! I have a fetish for guys that can burp well on command. Its a big turn on for me, so if anyone here could do it and wants to chat, feel free to reply. ...
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  • Sock fetish

    Who has a huge sock fetish? ...
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