If you have a taste for cum, you may already know what felching is. Alex Hopkins explores the definition of this kinky fetish and explores ways for you to practise it as safely as possible. 


Some sexual preferences are like Marmite. You either love them or you loathe them. They either get you ringing wet or they turn your stomach.

And so it is with felching. Still often considered taboo, felching is widely regarded as a specialized kink. Indeed, it remains something of an unspoken – even amongst us sexually liberated gays – which is shocking in itself! Read on to find out what felching is, and how you can enjoy it safely.


So, what is felching exactly?

If you're engaging in condom-less anal sex with your partner, you may think that proceedings are over once you've cum inside them. But how wrong you could be. But for those into felching, the frolics are far from concluded. Indeed, one could argue that the stickiest stage of sexual shenanigans has yet to commence.

But what exactly is felching? Well, the proper definition of felching is the sexual act of eating or sucking semen out of another person’s bottom. And crucially, this can, of course, only occur once said semen has been deposited up there through ejaculation.


You may well have dumped your own DNA up there. Or perhaps the white stuff belongs to another guy – or indeed multiple guys. And that’s where felching parties cum in – a case of the more loads the better. 


Further definitions of felching: origins of the term

Try rolling it around your mouth. Listen to the sound it makes (we mean the word ‘felching’, not the cock snot itself). Sounds almost obscene, doesn’t it? Deliciously so. In fact, some may say that it doesn’t sound dissimilar to the act it describes.

Cum hungry? Felching could be your fetish


The origins of the term itself are somewhat mysterious. However, most agree that it can be traced back to the heady days of gay liberation in the 1970s. Mainstream didn’t catch onto around 2003, when a definition of felching appeared in the Urban Dictionary.


For those of you into semantics, Green’s Dictionary of Slang offers a fascinating insight into the meaning of felching. A linguist reportedly linked it with the word ‘filch’. And for the uninitiated, to filch means ‘to steal something with a hook.’ Substitute hungry tongue for hook and, well, you get the picture.


How do you felch?

Felching is simple. There’s no tricky technique involved. No elaborate kit is needed to get going. All you require is a brimming hole, willing mouth, and a thoroughly filthy imagination. 


Once your partner has been sufficiently pumped with love juice, it’s action stations, and that mouth comes into play. Bend him over. Or haul his legs in the air. Limber up your tongue. And then proceed to suck the spunk out of his backside. Yep, you’re literally eating him out, foraging for that precious protein.


“Felching is simple. There’s no tricky technique. No elaborate kit is needed. All you require is a brimming hole, willing mouth, and a filthy imagination.”


It’s naturally your decision whether you then swallow the creampie you capture. But, in most cases, felching does involve consumption. Let’s face it, if you’re queasy about sperm you’re unlikely to have cum this far, so to speak.


Happily, however, there are also other ways you can process that baby batter once it’s dripping off your tongue. 

Why not share it through some snowballing? Here you pass it mouth-to-mouth via cummy kisses. Or you could ever so politely request that your man licks it off your fingers. And given that he made the mess in the first place, it would surely be rude of him to refuse.


Why are some gays into felching?

Read this far? Not turned off? Great. But, what, we hear you asking, is in felching for you and your other half? What can you expect to feel – physically and mentally?

Felching fun: like sucking the juice out of peach shutterstock/Vladimir Volodin


Firstly, there’s the one-of-a-kind feeling of having your hole thoroughly worked over with someone’s mouth. All that licking and sucking. Think wild analingus and then some. For felching aficionados, both givers and receivers, the sucking sensation is incomparable in intensity.



But the chief reasons guys get into felching are psychological. It’s a supremely intimate act. You’re not only unloading into someone but then sharing that load, literally tasting the essence of each other. 


And then there’s the illicit thrill of relishing a kink that many people consider to be taboo. The sense of getting off on something that buttoned-up society tells you is forbidden.


Lastly, felching can be incorporated into wider kinks, particularly in terms of submission and humiliation


Is felching safe?

So, time for the serious stuff. As a more extreme sexual practice, felching can carry greater health risks. 


Some evidence suggests that men who have sex with men are up to four times more likely to contract HIV if they practise felching. Why? Because felching necessarily involves barebacking (condomless) sex. But you can reduce these risks by knowing your HIV status and having regular STI screenings. 


“Some evidence suggests that men who have sex with men are up to four times more likely to contract HIV if they practise felching.”


Additionally, with anal felching, there’s the possibility of consuming bits of brown nasties that may linger down below. And these of course carry various bacteria, which can cause anything from stomach issues to more serious conditions like hepatitis. While you can’t completely remove such risks, you can minimise them with good hygiene, and ideally douching before a session.

Some gay guys are into snowballing after felching shutterstock/Lopolo


Is felching only a gay thing?

We all know that us gays are kinkmasters. We have a long and noble history of boundary-breaking when it comes to sexual experimentation. Felching is yet another example of this. It was created in the gay community and was long considered strictly a men-on-men activity. But times change. And the definition of felching has now opened up to include heterosexuals. 

But ask a group of heteros what felching is, and we’ll still wager that most will look at you blankly. However, an increasing number are now acquainting themselves with both anal and vaginal felching. Any hole, after all, is the goal. 

So, felicitations to fabulous felchers far and wide, we say. The more the merrier. But just remember we started it first! 


The bottom line: felching

As one of the most intimate sexual acts out there, felching offers unrivalled opportunities for connection, and good, old-fashioned dirty fun. Just know the risks, take necessary precautions, and practice consent before delving deep into that delectable derrière. •
Main image: shutterstock/Estrada Anton


How did you first learn what felching is? And, more importantly, have you tried? Share your experiences below.

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