Glory Hole

Everyone's favourite surprise

Glory Hole: a fascinating experience

Glory Hole antics are one of those fascinating experiences almost exclusive to gay male culture. But what is it? straight people still ask today? Welcome to one of the simplest yet most pleasurable of inventions. A man-made hole in a wall or partition in which you’re invited to stick your schlong for a rampant workout by a usually anonymous and often insatiable partner. The lure of a glory hole is the unknown. Who knows what illicit pleasures await just the other side of that partition?

What is the meaning of a Gay Glory Hole? 

The history of the Glory Hole is intricately tied up with the persecution of gay men. The first documented case was back in 1707. Two gentlemen known as Thomas Vaughan and Thomas Davis popped down to public lavatories in London for some fast, frantic, uncomplicated fun. Unfortunately, they were caught and prosecuted. But widespread prosecution has never stopped gay men from frequenting Glory Holes. Indeed, part of the thrill of Glory Hole shenanigans is its illicit nature.

What can I expect when I visit a Glory Hole?

Because you can’t see the face or body of the guy on the other side of the hole, your fantasies smolder. Is he a six-foot Adonis with a face like a Botticelli angel? Are you being serviced by a lead hooker from the Brazilian rugby team? Close your eyes and abandon yourself to no strings attached pleasure. But his appearance is something of a moot point. Why? Because this sexual experience is all about sensations. So relax, quiver and thrust as every inch of your pulsating plunger is worshipped to within an inch of its exquisite life.

Where can I find a Gay Glory Hole?

The Gay Glory Hole is most associated with public toilets and the act of cottaging. Or tea rooms, as they’re known in the U.S. But you can stumble across one almost anywhere that there’s a wall. And that’s almost everywhere. From the railway station to the pub toilet to the sex club and the private household Glory Hole, a nirvana of pleasure awaits. So whip it out, form a disorderly queue and brace yourself for an unforgettable spit ‘n polish, boys. Looking for guys to titillate your truncheon at that sacred hole in the wall? Find them for free on

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