Had straights even heard about domination before the atrocious Fifty Shades of Grey? Given the fuss about the book, you would think not! And, in any case, it’s a poor representation of the true nature of this dynamic. Dominance is a component of BDSM. It’s about trust and agreed boundaries in which one partner is psychologically and physically submissive to the other. It’s up to you how heavy your scene is. We’re talking everything from a few light slaps to trampling over a naked body in six inch stilettos - and much more besides. Partners will have an agreed ‘safe word’ - which means ’stop now!’


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  • Sub slave and training

    I am Dom top. And very much in control of my sex life. Am I the only one that enjoys the training part? To get to the point that they know what you want before you ask. ...
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  • In a relationship there is the dominant one and there is the submissive one that likes being told what to do. Which r u? ...
    • 399 replies
  • My Persian Queen, Why did I have to meet you? Why did our paths in life collide? Why cant I get you out of my head? My Persian Queen, I am your slave Your true friend, lover, companion I wait ...
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