The joyous receiver of swollen goods

Bottom: Passive partner

In the cut and thrust of man sex, there are rigid categories. Chief amongst these are Gay Top and Gay Bottom. Bluntly put, the Gay Bottom is the passive partner in anal intercourse. His sexual preference is for the backdoor option. And as such, he is the proud and joyous receiver of swollen goods. Here’s our quickie guide to the analriffic world of the rump rancher.

How do I decide whether I am a Top or Bottom Gay? 

 Such is the obsession with sexual roles in gay life that one could be forgiven for thinking that being a Top or Bottom Gay is in one’s DNA. As soon as a guy comes out, there’s an inordinate amount of pressure on him to decide precisely what he should do with his undercarriage. Expectations abound. And are frequently unhelpful. Undeniably, some gay men feel that they were born to ride the salty salamander. And they’ll devote the rest of their mortal time to perfecting the art. However, deciding whether you are a Top or Bottom Gay usually comes with experimentation. The trusted suck and see technique. There are some key considerations here. Firstly, choosing the right partners is crucial. Those who make you feel comfortable. Follow the chemistry. Secondly, it’s important not to let one bad experience as a Gay Bottom put you off uphill gardening forevermore. And thirdly, remember you can always switch matters up sexually. Choosing to be a Top or Bottom Gay does not mean you’re signing up to some inescapable cult. Whatever some guys may claim.

What are some of the common misconceptions about a Gay Bottom?

Sadly, the life of a Gay Bottom comes with a raft of judgments. Even sadder still, many of these come from within the gay male community. A Gay Bottom is often viewed as being feminine. And indeed inferior in the sexual hierarchy. But remember that appearances can be deceptive. That slim, cropped-topped twink wearing more makeup than a RuPaul drag queen may give you the most magnificent gut-punching in living memory. Even if proceedings are conducted to a medley of Ariana Grande hits. A small price to pay for such rewards. Too often there's not enough respect from Tops for a Gay Bottom. It's time we acknowledged that being a great Gay Bottom takes significant effort and preparation. Not to mention expertise.

What's a Power Bottom?

There’s nothing like a night spent with a Power Bottom to make you evaluate your misconceptions about a Gay Bottom. These sex machines are anything but submissive. They’ll take full control of the thrusting. They’ll be dictating the rhythm. They’ll be assuming the role of the top from the bottom. And the top had better match their awesome exuberance and stamina. Are you a Gay Bottom searching for analmageddon? Disappointed by the so-called Tops? Find the meatiest matches on

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