Cum Control

Don't let go

Cum Control: Hold on!

Sometimes it’s just so damn good you don’t want it to end. And thanks to Cum Control, you can string out your shenanigans to the last possible moment. This is about delaying orgasm. Lasting longer. Building those juices up. Balancing on the metaphorical cliff edge before an almighty drenching. And this can mean earth-shattering sex.

 What do you do - or not do? How to Cum Control

The key is stopping sexual stimulation before you squirt. And everyone will reach this point at a different time. So, this means learning about your body. And practising alone. Yes, you have carte blanche for a marathon wank session. Bliss. If you’re flying solo, learn how to Cum Control with the start-stop method. Start by getting excited. And then build those strokes until you reach a plateau. This is when you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm. And the moment that you should slash stimulation. And then, quite simply, repeat. And repeat. Until you can bear it no longer. And then just let it all out. And congratulate yourself as you repaint the walls. Doing it with a partner is similar. But better. Because you’ve already mastered what turns you on. Get frantic with foreplay. And then get him to deploy his hands or gob on your man meat. But always tell him when you’re close to shooting your wad. Plentiful vocal theatrics should do the trick. Then get him to reduce stimulation. Or to stop completely, so you’re back on that perfect plateau. And then start all over again, until he’s gagging for an eye-full.

When should you erupt?

It's entirely up to you. Or both of you. The joy of Gay Cum Control is in exploring orgasms. The force of them. And the intensity. Surf, peak and tease until you reach the point of no return. And then pull back. But remember that an orgasm isn’t just about unleashing love juice. It’s the whole-body experience that counts. Every sensation. Explore and enjoy them all.

What are the benefits of Gay Cum Control?

The main plus is that it can give you a more powerful orgasm. And a longer-lasting one. It can transform you into a champion gurner. But it's also about improving body awareness. Of your own body. And your partner’s. And you get there by experimenting with different forms of pleasure. Not just penetration. This can make you more mindful about sex. And then there’s the matter of intimacy. Which comes from communication. And revealing yourself to your partner at your most vulnerable. Connect and cum with other guys today.

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    I enjoy being brought to the edge over and over. Like having my cock made to throb and drop. Cum control my cock for as long as you have the time stamina and desire... The longer and slower the better ...
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    What is the point in having a rampant fuck and then shooting your gunk and wasting it? That’s the question that drives Gay Cum swapping. And the point is certainly valid. Particularly when one considers that dirtier sex is almost always better. With Gay Cum swapping your share all that sweet juice. Spread it across your whole body if you wish. But the focus is on the mouth and Cum Kissing. Up for extra cream? Who isn’t? Read on.