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Gay Cruising: just the best

Gay men rightly have a reputation for being sexually adventurous. And Cruising for sex epitomises this. A bang in a bedroom can be boring. Why not mix it up with a sausage-athon in a public space? Or perhaps saunter down to the woods in search of a fast, furious, anonymous encounter. Gay Cruising is as much about the thrill of the hunt as the pounding.

 What are the origins of Gay Cruising?

Cruising is one of those delicious words that belong to gay men in the know. Mention you’re up for a bit of cruising to heterosexuals and they’ll likely think you’ve booked an all-inclusive voyage on an ocean liner. You may indeed be about to go up The Nile. Just not in the way so-called ‘respectable’ people think. Cruising is gay slang for seeking sex in cruising grounds. These are frequently outside. But Cruising also happens in sex clubs. And public toilets. More on those shenanigans below. The term was popularised in the 1960s. But gay men have been cruising forever. Just look at the Mollies in 18th Century London. Not to mention those gorgeous Greeks and rampant Romans. Gay Cruising is intricately linked with legislation. Back when homosexuality was illegal, it was one of the few ways men could meet and get frisky with one another. But the march towards gay rights and equality still hasn’t killed off this ancient and sacred art. And you’ll find active cruising grounds all across the world.

What are the codes of Gay Cruising?

Discretion is everything when it comes to Gay Cruising. Why? Because public sex remains illegal. This means that cruising often occurs under the cover of darkness. Or in scraps of park and woodland away from families having civilised little picnics. There is frequently a prelude to whipping out one’s chopper. An intricate and subtle code of signals for gay men in the know. A nod. A wink. A glance over one’s shoulder. A carefully placed hand caressing one’s bulging crotch. And then the all-important come hither look as you beckon him into the depths of the forest.

What's the difference between Gay Cruising and cottaging?

Cottaging is another form of cruising. It’s just the location that differs. In this case, you get your rocks off within the confines of a public toilet. Where Gloryholes abound. The term cottaging also goes back to Britain in the 1960s. The action-packed toilets were and are still known amongst gay men as cottages. Meanwhile, in the U.S., they’re called Tearooms. Perfect to pop into for an afternoon's milking. Check out international Gay Cruising grounds on

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Mopping up the mess after a heavy session can be an arduous task. Even if you possess a wipe-down mattress. Far better to jump in the shower and cleanse yourself in hot bursts. And while you’re at it, why not go for round two or three? Or perhaps flip things and commence your shagathon under those gushing jets. But be warned. Shower sex is not as easy as porn makes out. Here’s our advice on steaming things up sexily and safely.
Gay men have a long and cherished relationship with outdoor sex. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a furtive fumble or indeed full-on thrustathon in the bushes. Gay Outdoor cruising grounds exist the world over. The lure of the orgasm is insurmountable. Whatever the weather, you’ll find guys rambling through woodland or hiding in the dunes in search of prime Rumpleforeskin.
Oh, the pure beauty and delicious filth of Gay Kissing. It’s the simplest yet most powerful means of showing our love and passion. A kiss conveys so many complex emotions. And no one kiss is the same. Every man has his own way of kissing. And each kiss captures and heightens or softens a moment in time. A kiss is the essence of sexual chemistry. But it’s also so much more than this. Our lives and memories are shaped by the men we have kissed.