Gay NYC - the US capital for gayness

Gay New York - the US capital for gayness

New York is the definitive ‘gay metropolis,’ journalist Charles Kaiser claimed in his masterful biography. And how right he was. The city boasts one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the world. Moreover, it’s the birthplace of the modern gay liberation movement. Quite simply, what New York does, western countries follow. But Gay New York is much more than a city. It’s a monumental force for freedom and hope. Its eclectic, vibrant bars and clubs attract millions of visitors each year. And each person leaves having discovered a new, empowering story in a place that many are proud to think of as their spiritual home.

Pride and survival: the history of Gay New York

To trace the evolution of Gay New York is to understand the history of LGBTQ people across the US. And beyond.

Gay Saunas in NYC first appeared in the early 1900s. By the First World War, Greenwich Village and Harlem were the homes of large numbers of gay men and lesbians. But everything including Gay Dating in NYC was underground.

In the 1940s, legions of LGBTQ people began flocking to New York. Here they found people like themselves. People who made them feel less alone.

Gay New York has always been at the forefront of the fight against inequality and victimisation of LGBTQ people. In 1950, it was the first state to begin to erode anti-sodomy laws. But seismic change happened on June 28th 1969 at The Stonewall Inn.. Sick of decades of police brutality, the patrons, led by fierce drag queens, fought back. The Gay Liberation Front was formed shortly afterwards.

1970s Gay New York represented queer joy. Disco reigned supreme. Infamous sex clubs like The Anvil opened. Gay men partied all night. And cruised the piers along the Hudson River and The Ramble in Central Park. Then on weekends, they travelled to nearby Fire Island, their long-sought paradise.

But the collective feeling of liberation and exuberance was brief. AIDS decimated the gay population in the 1980s and 1990s. Yet even during the years of fear, hate and heartbreak, gay New Yorkers wouldn’t surrender. It’s simply not in their DNA.

The march towards legal equality continued over the next two decades. And In July 2011, the Marriage Equality Act was passed in New York. Once more, the city proved that love would always triumph over oppression and adversity.

The best Gay Bars in NYC

The gay scene in New York remains one of the most exciting in the world. And even gentrification hasn’t destroyed the fabric of Gay New York. There are still countless bars to meet other guys. Whether you’re looking for Gay Dating in NYC or fast and furious hookups, the city caters to every taste and kink. Here are some of our favourite Gay Bars in NYC.

The Stonewall Inn. on Christopher Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village, is the site of the infamous 1969 riots. Unwind to show tunes in its piano bar.

The Spot on 10th Ave is the city’s newest and perhaps sleekest gay bar. Ideal for some Gay Dating in NYC. Check out their delicious ‘Drag Brunch Menu’.

Club Cumming on East 6th Street, is owned by legendary actor Alan Cumming. And this Gay Bar in NYC is as wonderfully theatrical as the great man himself. Pop along for the finest cabaret shows.

The Eagle on West 28th Street is leather lovers central. Lose yourself and find your dream men across its two floors, roof deck and rampant darkroom.

The most exciting Gay Clubs in NYC

Enjoyed some great Gay Dating in NYC, but not ready to return to your hotel? Here are some of the hottest Gay Clubs in NYC.

Industry on West 52nd St is vast and beloved for its concrete bar and Adonis-like bartenders. It comes from the same team behind Barracuda Lounge on West 22nd Street, reportedly the inspiration for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Avant Gardner hosts many Ladyfag dance parties at its sprawling Brooklyn/Bushwick complex. This is an essential destination for all those seeking house or techno Gay Clubs in NYC.

Cruise central: Gay Saunas in NYC

Prefer some no-strings, steamy shenanigans than Gay Dating in NYC? We get it. Head to the East Side Club. Chat in the comfortable lounge. Cruise the corridors. And then get thoroughly filthy in a private cabin before a cleansing sauna and shower.

Das Kommunikationszentrum für alle Menschen der Regenbogen-Gemeinschaft setzt sich eben für jede queere Person ein und beschäftigt sich mit allen dazugehörenden Themen. Sie organisieren passende Veranstaltungen und vertreten die LGBT-Interessen gegenüber der Politik, den Medien und anderen Organisationen. Dabei setzen sie sich für ein schwules Österreich ein.

NYC Pride: the must on every gay guy’s calendar

The first Pride-type event was held just weeks after The Stonewall Riots. Today, NYC Pride is one of the biggest Pride events in the world, attracting over 150,000 participants every June. Find your people at the NYC Pride march. Saunter around the street fair. And then party like there’s no tomorrow.

Looking to become further involved in the burgeoning New York LGBTQ community? Check out The Center’s rich cultural, educational and wellness programs.

Our summary of Gay New York

From Gay Dating in NYC to cruising, culture and bars bursting with beautiful men, New York remains a beacon of hope for LGBTQ people. Share your memories below about the special places you’ve visited in one of the US’s most gay-friendly cities.

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