Gay Miami - Fun, Sun and Gay

Gay Miami: Sun, Fun and Gay

Miami, known as ‘the magic city’ has been casting its spell over LGBTQ+ people since the 1930s. Its diverse range of bars and clubs is as colourful as this tropical coastal metropolis’ extraordinary art deco buildings. From Gay Dating in Miami to Pride Miami, you’re guaranteed to leave as hot and wet as one of the city’s legendary summers.

Long road to nirvana: a history of Gay Miami

The sun-drenched paradise that’s Gay Miami today has taken centuries to build. Back in the 1800s, Miami’s gay population faced great discrimination and prejudice. Florida’s first sodomy law was passed in 1868, with a further anti-gay law added in 1917.

Despite hostility, lively nightlife grew in Gay Miami. But this was at constant risk from police raids. The John Committee focussed on stopping homosexuals from working in universities across Florida. And published the infamous ‘Purple Pamphlet’, which cruelly and inaccurately depicted gay people as a threat to children.

The 1969 Stonewall Riots was a game-changer for gay rights. And Gay Miami quickly took up the mantle for equality. In 1970, students at Florida University founded the first Gay Liberation Front in the southern United States.

The tide began to change in 1974 with a raid on the Miami branch of the Club Baths. Activist Jack Campbell was pivotal to charges against those arrested being dropped. Four years later, Miami became one of only 40 US cities that had passed legislation tackling discrimination against gay people.

However, the anti-gay attitiudes remained strong, thanks in no small part to the actions of Anita Bryant. The former beauty queen launched a vicious Safe Our Children Campaign in 1977. Her efforts led to a ban on gay people adopting children. But again, Gay Miami fought back. Bryant was rewarded for her vile antics by a pie being pushed into her face at a press conference.

To combat the likes of Bryant, the Florida Task Force was established. However, astonishingly, same-sex activity was still illegal in Florida until 2003. In the years ahead, the march for rights gathered pace. Gay couples were finally allowed to adopt. And Miami’s first gay pride was held in 2009. The crowning achievement came in 2016 when same-sex marriage became legal in the state.

Cocks ‘n cocktails: Gay Bars in Miami

Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale remain the most celebrated queer meccas. Whether you’re seeking memorable Gay Dating in Miami or fetish fun, check out these bars.

Get rock hard at Ramrod on NE 4th Avenue. Rubber, leather and boots dominate at one of the kinkiest Gay Bars in Miami.

Nathan’s Bar on Washington Avenue is a must for Gay Dating in Miami. Take a perch on one of the plush couches. And sample sparkling cocktails on one of the multiple themed nights.

Georgie’s Alibi Monkey Bar on Wilton Drive has been one of the hottest Gay Bars in Miami for 23 years. Its patio and sports bar are ideal for Gay Dating in Miami. And then there are the superstar DJs for the beloved Growl and Beast dance extravaganzas.

Saunter over to Ocean Drive in Southbeach for some Gay Dating in Miami at Palace. This iconic drag bar and restaurant have been serving it large and proud for three decades.

The eternal party city: Miami Gay Clubs

The most mesmerising Miami Gay Clubs have been going to decades. Groove away with Go-Go Boys and drag queens supreme at these venues.

Twist on Washington Avenue in Southbeach exudes elegance. Choose from seven bars and three dance floors in the trendiest of Miami Gay Clubs.

The Manor on Wilton Drive has long been one of the most popular Miami Gay Clubs. Indeed; it’s more than a mere club. The huge Manor Complex also houses an event space and luxurious lounge. Shimmer beneath those resplendent chandeliers. And catch the creme de la creme of RuPaul drag stars.

Sweat ‘n spunk: Gay Saunas and Gay Cruising in Miami

Gay Miami is a feast of truly dazzling dick. Find it in these Gay Saunas in Miami.

Club Aqua on Coral Way offers ultimate respite and buff-bodies galore. Indulge in some Gay Cruising in Miami in the tropical gardens. And then plunge into the outdoor heated pool - and its occupants - in one of the last remaining Gay Saunas in Miami.

Gaythering on Lincoln Road has it all when it comes to Gay Cruising in Miami. A chic hotel, buzzing bar and one of the sexiest Gay Saunas in Miami. Open from 2 pm daily.

For outdoor Gay Cruising in Miami, head to Legion Park on the upper east side. The parking lot is where it’s at.

Freedom and joy at Miami Pride

Miami Pride kicks off every April, making it the perfect month to visit. Join thousands at Miami Pride pool parties, queer art showcases and VIP balls.

With so much to do in Gay Miami, you may not know where to start. In which case, pop into the LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach. It’s the essential one-stop-shop for recommendations to get the party raging.

Our summary of Gay Miami

From fun in the sun to Gay Dating in Miami, the glittering art deco city has it all. Don your finest aussieBums and join hoards of beautiful, scantily-clad guys at this perennial favourite for gay travellers.

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