Off with those clothes

Striptease: so arousing

Sometimes we want it fast. It’s a case of whipping out the wanger and going straight for home base. But then there’s the unparalleled pleasure of delay. The anticipation that fuels desire. Think back to the first time you saw a stripper strut his stuff. Unleashing the weapon in a Gay Striptease is an art form. Why? Because disrobing slowly places you firmly in the present moment. So reach for those briefs, oil up and channel your inner GoGo dancer. It’s showtime, boys!

What should I wear before a Gay Striptease? 

 Ordinary clothes will suffice. A shirt with plenty of buttons. But never skinny jeans. Rare is the gay man who has clambered out of them with anything close to elegance. And style is paramount with a Gay Striptease. Far better to dress to impress. With several layers of clothing. A Gay Striptease is the perfect scenario for role play. Fireman. Builder. Kinky doctor. Every uniform offers another disguise and surprise. Remove it slowly. Fling it at your partner. Rub it against their skin. Or wave it in their face. With an intoxicating combination of grace and sluttiness.

How do I give a Gay Striptease personality?

This striptease belongs to you. And your partner. Tailor it accordingly. This means you must fully understand what you both want. Tap into those fantasies. Seamlessly. Music and dance are your friends. Your soundtrack should reflect your attitude. Including idiosyncrasies. Gyrate and shimmer to it. Capture the beat and rhythm. Practice alone in front of a mirror first. Yes, a Gay Striptease permits you to embrace narcissism. For a little while. But when you’re putting on that show it’s about both of you. Feed off his reactions. And be prepared to adapt what you've rehearsed. Mix it up. Think of it as an ever-evolving work of art.

How do I move from a Gay Striptease into sex?

A memorable Gay Striptease is all about the lead-up. Are you both chomping at the bit? Good. Now continue to tease him. Promise the big reveal. Then withhold it. Heighten expectation to an almost unbearable level. Repeatedly. Finally dispense with all those clothes. Unwrap the Custard Slinger. But continue to delay the main event with some scorching foreplay. Seeking some stripping? Erect your private stage with

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