Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Tired of using just your fingers or your dick? Grab hold of an inanimate object. Sex toys have been around forever – they’ve just become more sophisticated over time. They’re often shaped like a penis. Dildos are used by gay men, lesbians and trans people, and come in every imaginable shape and size. Then there are love beads, cockrings, butt plus, sex dolls and vibrators. Use them one-on-one or in a group scenario. New contraptions are being invented all the time, but if you’re on a tight budget just pop down to the vegetable market for that perfectly shaped cucumber. It’ll do the trick.


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  • Favourite sex toy?

    Most of us have some sort of sex toy - heck even a range of them! After our review of Fleshlights in the magazine (which is one of my personal favourites) - tell us your favourite toy(s). P ...
    • 10 replies
  • Hi, Everyone, I am Jason, So glad being a member of Recently, I found my partner was crazy after changing his job to a sex toy company (I am not spam). He never used a sex toy before ...
    • 2 replies
  • Who wants boring old chocolate when you can have a sex toy? Throughout December, find and collect some saucy sex toys in our Winter Sex Toy Hunt and bag a load of points! How the game works: ...
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