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Masturbation: we all do it

Rare is the man who doesn’t relish charming his cobra. How better to explore your body? Gone are the days when the church claimed a quick cuff of the carrot made one blind. Today, medical studies show that regular masturbation can help ward off prostate cancer. So reach for those tissues and get stroking tout de suite.

 What are the top tips for great Gay Masturbation?

 We all know the porn clips guaranteed to get us gurning. Within minutes, it’s a guaranteed gush-athon. But how about taking your time and learning some different Gay Masturbation techniques. Novelty and newness always equal great sexual adventures. The only difference with Gay Masturbation is that it’s a journey you’ll take alone. Which makes it all the more fun. Because travelling solo means you can do whatever you want. Start by changing position. If you’re forever propped up against the headboard while caressing the cucumber, opt for something else. Stand. Or lie on your back. Sit on the washing machine while it’s in the midst of a spin cycle. It may be all you need to deliver the fullest load. Explore your whole body. Nipples. Inner thighs. Rear entrance. Even some well-judged attention to your scalp and wrists can work wonders. Above all, take time to tease yourself. Become an edging expert. There’s no one here to please but yourself.

How can Mutual Masturbation heat up your sex life?

Marching directly into the manhole is often seen as the ultimate goal in gay sex. What an error! Mutual Masturbation is a vital part of foreplay. The key to the gateway of pleasure. Think of all those delicious solo techniques you’ve mastered. Try them out on your partner. Wave and whack each others wands as you become depraved sexual magicians. Firstly, discover what your lover likes. Observe. Enquire. Tantalise. Employ every part of the schlong in buffin the muffin. Secondly, get in sync with one another. Try to get your breathing and strokes in time. Simultaneous orgasm is rare. But it is by no means impossible. And with plenty of practice, you can create that moment together. Thirdly, embrace the frolics of frottage. Rub the one-eyed monster against the abdomen, buttocks, cheekbones. Think of yourself as a child learning how to use a thick crayon. Draw the kinkiest patterns.

What about sex toys and Gay Masturbation?

Gay Masturbation is now a high-tech business. The trusty Fleshjack is almost a staple in a gay man’s sexual armory. Use it on yourself. And on him. And then there are masturbators that you can both use at the same time. The toys with two gaping orifices. Heaven! Select an end each and pummel away. Fed up with choking the chicken alone? Meet Gay Masturbation partners on

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    Mopping up the mess after a heavy session can be an arduous task. Even if you possess a wipe-down mattress. Far better to jump in the shower and cleanse yourself in hot bursts. And while you’re at it, why not go for round two or three? Or perhaps flip things and commence your shagathon under those gushing jets. But be warned. Shower sex is not as easy as porn makes out. Here’s our advice on steaming things up sexily and safely.
    Gay men have a long and cherished relationship with outdoor sex. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a furtive fumble or indeed full-on thrustathon in the bushes. Gay Outdoor cruising grounds exist the world over. The lure of the orgasm is insurmountable. Whatever the weather, you’ll find guys rambling through woodland or hiding in the dunes in search of prime Rumpleforeskin.
    Perhaps it’s something to do with the crazy busy times we live in. But far too many guys neglect Gay Foreplay. Or at least don’t give it the attention it deserves. Oh, how quick we are to dive deep in and bang away. But time spent moistening those hungry erogenous zones is an investment in a hotter sex life. Moreover, it’s a deliciously playful way to explore one another’s bodies and build intimacy.