Whether you like it or not, we’re all a bunch of wankers! Jacking off, whacking one out, banging the bishop, flicking the bean – call it what you will, everyone does it. There’s no better way of experimenting with your body and learning what you love than those blissful moments with only your fantasies for company. The other great benefit of masturbation, of course, is that because you’re alone (unless you choose to do it in public – and if so, be careful!), your hair can be all over the place and you can look like death warmed. Who cares? No one will see.


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  • Where do you wank?

    Masturbation month burst onto the scene in the US in 1995 by a sex-toy store, now it's intended to reduce the stigma of self-love - and why not! We all do it (anyone who says they don't is lying or a ...
    • 10 replies
  • Can we do it longer time without ozzing out ...
    • 3 replies
  • I have been wondering this all of my life.... Why does it make me feel strange that I have never learned how to do that.... I have only used vibrators to get off.... Only two women that I have been wi ...
    • 13 replies
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