Anal Sex

Anal Sex

This term does what it says on the tin. While it’s most associated with gay men, anyone can have anal sex. The facts are that the inner and outer sphincter have thousands of nerve endings, which when hit correctly – with a dick or a dildo - will bring you to the heights of ecstasy. Does it hurt? At first, some say, but it comes down to trust and practice. Partners are either passive (the one who gets fucked) or active (the one who does the job). Some will do both (versatile) – the best of both worlds, perhaps.


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  • anal sex - Gay Guys! <3

    I also wonder ...
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  • Anal sex with a curved penis

    Hi guys. Anyone knows how does it feels to be a bottom for a very curved penis? (curved upwards at 40 degrees like a banana) Is it more pleasurable? Anyone ever tried? This is mine and I dont know if ...
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  • anal fantasty

    I want to lay naked in bed with another guy and slowly feel his hard penis slide inside me! I also like to be rimmed! I love having my butt with! I've used anal toys but never had the real thing! I c ...
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