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Anal Sex: Use the right hole!

Anal is overwhelmingly associated with gay men. Taking a back door delivery is considered the main event when it comes to shaking those sheets. Indeed, one can feel like a Bad Gay if one isn't into it. Or, heaven forbid, does it badly. But fear not. Relax that Sphincter. Prep for a damn fine porking. Here’s all you need to know about How to do Anal.

 What should beginners know about Anal?

 Anal can be scary for first-timers. Or those who don’t indulge in it often. We’re told it's painful. And messy. In short, intimidating. But this is easily avoided. How? By planning and preparation. Not to mention communication and good old-fashioned practice. And that's just great fun! Your rapacious rectum is the hallowed gateway to unparalleled pleasure. It’s home to the prostate. That small but miraculous gland bristling with nerve endings crying out for a tweaking. Start by getting to know your booty. Use your fingers. Note what feels good. Exult in exploring your body. Toys can be the next step. But don’t get ahead of yourself. If that ramrod-shaped dildo looks too big for your tummy, then it probably is. At least for now.

How to Anal Douche. What do I do and why?

Few things kill passion faster than a mattress that resembles a Missouri swamp. Immediate death to one's boner. However, this is avoided if you know How to Anal Douche. You’re essentially giving yourself an enema. But high-tech medical equipment isn’t required. How to Anal Douche is as simple as attaching a shower hose to your back alley. And there are Anal Douche kits aplenty. A popular option is a bulb douche. Fill it with water. Squirt it up your harris. Just watch the water temperature. Learning How to Anal Douche will immediately ease your anxieties. It’s a small price for feeling confident and clean. And raring to go.

How painful is Anal?

There’s no such thing as an instant reward. Some kind of price must always be paid. And to reach those exquisite, higher plains of pleasure one must endure some discomfort. However, if you take the time to learn How to do Anal, pain is minimal. The key focus in How to do Anal as a Bottom is on relaxing. Remember pain comes when your sphincter muscle tightens. And this occurs when you’re anxious. Avoid this by taking plenty of deep breaths. And then once the tip of his knob goblin enters your cavern, push out that sphincter. The other essential in How to do Anal is to use loadsa lube. Seriously. There are no medals for endurance here. Douse his dick with it. And your arse. Looking to bam-bam in the ham? Find your ideal Top or Bottom on

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