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Cum Swapping: Why waste it?

What is the point in having a rampant fuck and then shooting your gunk and wasting it? That’s the question that drives Gay Cum swapping. And the point is certainly valid. Particularly when one considers that dirtier sex is almost always better. With Gay Cum swapping your share all that sweet juice. Spread it across your whole body if you wish. But the focus is on the mouth and Cum Kissing. Up for extra cream? Who isn’t? Read on.

What is Cum Kissing?

That white stuff fresh out of your man’s eggplant extraordinaire is truly precious. After all, it contains his essence. His DNA. Consequently, it’s worthy of the greatest respect. And deserves to be savoured through Cum Kissing. Sex shouldn’t end with orgasm. Prolong it by taking your partner’s hot milk into your gob through Cum Kissing. It’ll be the sloppiest kiss you’ve ever given. Cum Kissing is the ultimate way to show your adoration and appreciation. Moreover, it’s perhaps the most intimate sexual act you can revel in.

What is the the difference between Gay Cum swapping and Snowballing?

With Snowballing, one guy squirts his spunk into the other’s mouth following frenetic fellatio. And the role of the guy who has received this most majestic gift is to pass it back into the mouth of the guy who has just passed it on. Talk about equal rewards. Sounds like Gay Cum swapping? Indeed. However, the crucial difference is that Snowballing more often than not suggests the involvement of the guy who originally dumped his wad in their other half’s mouth. In other words, just two people. Whereas Gay Cum swapping is a more general term. It can involve multiple guys. And the nectar supreme can cum from any one of them. The question is working out exactly who dispensed it.

Are there any risks with Gay Cum swapping?

No. As long as the cum in question is from a guy who is free of sexually transmitted infections. So the usual advice applies. Ensure you’re screened regularly. Prioritise your sexual health. But there’s no doubt that Gay Cum is an acquired taste. Some love it. While it makes others retch. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a match for it on

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