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Quickies: In for a quick fuck?

There is a time and place for all sexual mischief. After all, what is sex about if not to keep oneself open to every possibility? As much as we are all fond of a prolonged, furious bangathon, it’s not always practical. Time is precious. A Gay Quickie offers the perfect solution. Fast and frequently furious sex. Sex that takes you by surprise. The joy with the Gay Quickie is that there are no rules. Surprise is everything. As is the daredevil thrill of discovery.

 How should I prepare for a Gay Quickie?

First and foremost is the issue of safety. Throwing both caution and your knickers into the wind during a Gay Quickie doesn’t mean that you should abandon the rules you’ve set for safer sex. Be responsible. For example, if condoms are your modus operandi stick with them. Secondly, have your sexual tools to hand. Principally, lube. Rare is the gay man who is truly ‘self-lubricating’. Despite what he may claim. Ideally, lube up before you reveal the merchandise. Thirdly, take time to build-up to that Gay Quickie. No, this isn’t a contradiction in terms. Why not while away those tedious hours at the office by sexting your intended. Lots of teasing and flirtation before the main event. Fourthly, consider your attire. Easy access is the way to go for a Gay Quickie. Strip away unnecessary layers. And for god’s sake surrender the hideous skinny jeans.

Why is the kitchen ne of the best (but most risky) places for a quickie?

One of the best ways of looking at a Gay Quickie is in terms of disrupting your usual routine. And this includes using places that are associated with other acts for the filthiest of sexual purposes. Given this, where better than a Quickie in the kitchen? All those hard services. Oodles of room to get legs akimbo. However, health and safety are paramount when having a Quickie in the kitchen. Be wary of sharp implements. Other than the obvious one of course. The oven hub may look enticing. But one false move of those buttocks and the control knobs could take a devastating turn. There are some rings of fire one does not wish for after a session. Far better to opt for the top of the washing machine. Set it to spin. Soak in those wild vibrations. Oh, boy, will they guarantee a full load.

What are some of the ideal positions for a Gay Quickie?

The Gay Quickie is a great time to mix things up with those sexual positions. Get adventurous. Go doggy and deep. Get grinding with some intense face-on-face contact as you climb onto his lap. Or go for a quickstand as you bend over and relish his full length. What’s the hottest place you’ve had a Gay Quickie? Let us know by commenting below.

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