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Versatile: Top or Bottom?

Top or Bottom?’ goes the oft-repeated online question. Oh, what a simplistic and tedious world it is when one is only permitted to be one thing. Why limit oneself? Categories are like cherries. Just waiting to be smashed. The Gay Versatile guy mixes things up. He’s as happy receiving a booty blast as he is giving it. Far from being lousy both ways, a skilled, passionate Versatile specimen will open your mind and everything else to a brave new world of kinky opportunities.

 What are the benefits of being Versatile?

There are multiple plusses in being Versatile. Let’s look at two scenarios. Firstly, imagine you’re at a sex party. You’re hot for it. Gagging. And then you get there and find that thanks to earth-shattering incompetence on the host’s part, everyone is a Bottom. Now imagine if some of those guys were Versatile instead. Pleased to switch lanes. The disaster is immediately alleviated. Secondly, imagine you’re hooked up with a self-proclaimed ‘amazing top’. Only to find that he has about as much finesse as a dilapidated plunger. Why? Because he’s exclusively Top. He has no conception of how to please a Bottom. Now imagine that said guy has earned his Versatile stripes. He knows how exquisite it feels to be fucked with aplomb. And he relishes giving you the same experience. In both cases, the Versatile guys save the day. And they’ll be the ones you keep on speed dial for repeat performances.

What's a flip-flop fuck between two Gay Versatile guys?

This is all about taking turns to tweak each other's twitching starfish. Caring and sharing are the maxims of Gay Versatile partners. Let’s face facts. Even the most ravenous Bottom can’t take it forever. He will eventually reach the point when his inner sanctum is crying out for mercy. With a Top and a Bottom, a complete break will then be required. However, with two Gay Versatile guys, the fun doesn’t have to end. The roles are simply reversed. Because now it’s time for the Bottom to flip the Top onto his back. And grab those flailing legs. And plow right in as he gives him a taste of his own delicious medicine.

How can I be the best Versatile fuck he’s ever had?

Creativity and communication invariably equal toe-curlingly fabulous climaxes. So go with the flow. Be spontaneous. But always listen and watch. That way you’ll better understand what your man wants. Angle, speed and force. The unholy triology of fornication. Just don’t assume it’ll be the same as what he’s just given you. Because everyone requires their chimney swept differently. And the fun cums from experimentation and discovery. Versatile is often double the trouble. Which means double the pleasure. Mix up your anal adventures by meeting other Gay Versatile guys on

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