Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Blow jobs, giving someone a good old lick out and the fabled 69 position are just some of the many ways you can have oral sex - the most popular and widely practised type of foreplay there is. A conservative middle aged woman may well find the prospect of such an act disgusting (while her husband goes and gets it elsewhere), but gay people can’t get enough of tasting their partners - and even tasting themselves for those few flexible and lucky enough to be able to indulge in a spot of auto fellatio.


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  • Since I'm new at this, kissing a man period is still a lil weird to me. But, I would make out hard with a clean shaved man who has some really full lips. It makes me hard thinking about it. ...
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  • To keep it simple I’m an 18 year old in the Orange County area looking to have some sissy experiences and I’d like to start by sucking someone’s cock. Not really sure how this website works so we’ll j ...
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  • oral sex - Lesbian Ladies

    hello ever one new 2 this web site but up on my game. jusy wanted 2 know when you know your head game is no good why brag and say it'sthe best yal ever have? ...
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