Oral Sex

The good ol' BJ

Oral Sex: a pure classic

With Gay BJs, one has to learn on the job. What else can one do? Practice on a cucumber? Which just isn’t the same. Or study porn. Which still isn’t the same. Because porn stars seem to lack gag reflexes, unlike mere mortals. It’s deeply regretful. Because a guy who dispenses terrible Gay BJs becomes a pariah. But fear not. Our guide to this essential sexual preference will put you to rights.

 How do I build up to giving Gay BJs?

 Expectation. Take things slowly. Not so easy when a massive chopper is within sniffing distance of your snout. And all you want to do is chomp away. But resist. Raise his desire to fever pitch as you fall to your knees. Then tease his underwear with your fingers. And your tongue. repeatedly. Only once he can bear no more should you whip out the weapon and get to work. And as you’ve almost made him beg, you best be ready to give him one of the best Gay BJs of all time. No pressure.

What must I do and not do when giving Gay BJs?

You must continue slowly. Plenty of kissing. Licking. Across the bell end. Down the shaft. Never forget his sacks. And yes, you can blow. Just a little though. Or you’ll look utterly ridiculous. Moreover, he’ll think you’re taking the name of this sexual fact far too literally. His quivers and moans will dictate how you proceed. Gradually go deeper. Plunge when he’s least expecting it. Top of any rule book on how to give a gay blowjob should be surprise. Make giving Gay BJs a full sensory experience. Plenty of hand action. Interspersed with some expertly judged slurps. And sufficient sniffing. Tell him how great he smells. And of course how big he is. You have permission to lie. There are no better ways to inflate the fragile male ego. Back to that rule book on how to give a gay blow job. What you mustn’t do under circumstances is bite. At least not too hard. Nibbling may be ok. Just remember that a ripped foreskin tends to tarnish the most beautiful of moments.

What about giving a Gay Car BJ?

The above applies to giving a Gay car BJ. However, there are other considerations. More limited space. How dodgy your back is. The possibility of being caught. Although that's naturally part of the turnon as you salivate over the gear stick. And then there’s the cleaning up. To spit or swallow. It’s entirely subjective. But with a Gay Car BJ ensure that the window is open if you choose the former. Upholstery stains are a bugger to shift. What are your tips on how to give a gay blowjob? Reveal all by commenting below.

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    Glory Hole antics are one of those fascinating experiences almost exclusive to gay male culture. But what is it? straight people still ask today? Welcome to one of the simplest yet most pleasurable of inventions. A man-made hole in a wall or partition in which you’re invited to stick your schlong for a rampant workout by a usually anonymous and often insatiable partner. The lure of a glory hole is the unknown. Who knows what illicit pleasures await just the other side of that partition?
    For some anal sex simply requires too much administration. All that douching and lubrication takes time. It can be off-putting. And messy. And not in a desirable way. Gay Handjobs bypass all of this. They can be as quick or as lingering as you wish. And better yet, you can dispense a thorough stroking of the salami almost anywhere.
    Rare is the man who doesn’t relish charming his cobra. How better to explore your body? Gone are the days when the church claimed a quick cuff of the carrot made one blind. Today, medical studies show that regular masturbation can help ward off prostate cancer. So reach for those tissues and get stroking tout de suite.