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Where have all the tops gone? Goes the cry of many a gay man. And he has a point. A quick look at Hookup apps suggests that the Gay Top is a species in peril. The active partner in anal acrobatics remains the most sought-after of creatures. And a good Gay Top can be tough to find. We’re talking the kind of Gay Top who gives you the most rigorous seeing to in memory. The rigorous fuck machine who will have you squealing with desire. And quivering with aftershocks of pleasure. Here’s our essential guide to the Gay Top for every discerning Backdoor Deidre.

 How do I find a true Gay Top?

With a Gay Top, appearances can be deceptive. The myth says he's a musclebound hunk of pure man beef. Butch in extremis. But a Gay Top comes in all shapes and sizes. And many are the bottoms who have been profoundly disappointed to find that the prime specimen he’s selected to give him a merciless pounding is in fact Helium Heels. Be direct when it comes to your desires. A genuine Gay Top will advertise the fact. There are unlikely to be any claims that he’s ‘versatile’ on his dating profile. And what does ‘versatile’ mean in Gaylore? Often that he’s lousy both ways! Sift through online profiles carefully. However, don’t believe everything you read. Promises, alas, can be empty. And ultimately the only way to find your ideal Gay Top is to sample the merchandise.

What makes a great Gay Top?

Bigger is not always better. Yes, we can hear those size queens raging at this statement. But hear us out. Heavy artillery certainly has its place. But it’s a matter of knowing when and how to use such awe-inspiring weaponry. A talented Gay Top doesn’t just blast away at your backdoor. He fucks with finesse as well as power. He varies his strokes. And their speed. He’ll recognise that every Bottom is different. A prized top will take the time and effort to discover what brings his partner pleasure. He’ll understand that the secrets to exploring your inner sanctum are in the surprises. And he’ll deliver them again and again.

How do a Top and Bottom work together for hot sex?

A Top and Bottom who consider any hole to be the goal do not necessarily make a formidable pairing. Chemistry comes from when a Top and Bottom feed off each other. There will be verbal communication. Both should listen to one another carefully. A skilled top understands that the precipice between pain and pleasure is slender. And responds accordingly. Moreover, the Top and Bottom will observe one another’s physical reactions. They’ll watch each other closely. Crucially, this means plenty of eye contact. Because that’s the gateway to intimacy. Still looking for a true anal artist? Find him on

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