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Cum Swallowing: Down it all

Why should sex end once he’s shot his baby batter? Far better to prolong the pleasure with one of the most intimate and personal acts available. We're talking Cum Swallowing. Not only taking his hot spunk into your gob but relishing every moment as it slips down your throat. The sensation and taste can be exquisite. And Cum Whore and guzzlers the world over have made it into an art form. Here’s how and why.

The essential question: Do you Spit or Swallow?

Frankly, it’s a question as polarising as whether you love Celine Dion or not. Oh, the controversy! Firstly, we have those who don’t want the gunk anywhere near their mouths. Or anywhere else for that matter. Indeed, the mere question Do you Spit or Swallow is liable to make them gag. Tissues will be strategically placed to wipe away every drop of the white stuff away tout de suite. Secondly, we have those who adore everything about cum and Cum Swallowing. The words Do you Spit or Swallow leave them shaking with expectation and desire. From taste to texture, they can’t get enough. And then there’s the reaction they see on their man’s face when they joyously take his essence into their gullets. How to decide? Communication is vital. A direct conversation along the lines of Do you Spit or Swallow. Before getting down and dirty. This will spare much awkwardness.

The art of Gay Cum Swallowing. What are the best techniques?

So you’ve decided that Gay Cum Swallowing is the way forward. Here are some tricks to savour this most unique of experiences. Firstly, get used to the taste of your man’s cum incrementally. A little dab on your finger for starters. Remember each guy’s spunk tastes different. With its own scent and flavour. Get used to it. Secondly, learn to control your breathing before Gay Cum Swallowing. Your body will relax. Anxiety will diminish. Thirdly, remember that you can change your mind and not practice Gay Cum Swallowing. Even when it’s oozing out of your mouth. This is called withdrawing consent. And it's your right. Always.

What are the risks and benefits of Cum Swallowing?

The good news is that Cum Swallowing is less risky than other sexual practices. Like unprotected anal intercourse. But ensure you have regular STI tests. However, the even better news is that Cum Swallowing offers health benefits. It can lift your move. Furthermore, Gentleman's Relish is packed with protein. And other important vitamins and minerals. And what’s not to love about that? The question remains. Do you Spit or Swallow? Let us know why and how by commenting below.

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