Gay Chicago - the place to be

Gay Chicago - the place to be

”Bet your bottom dollar you lose the blues in Chicago,” sang Judy Garland. And how right she was. Chicago is the third biggest city in the US. And as such, Gay Chicago boasts one of the most exciting scenes in the country. Immerse yourself in the crazy party energy of Boys Town or beautiful Andersonville with their huge rainbow populations. Shop like a queen in fabulous boutiques. Or enjoy Gay Dating in Chicago at trendsetting bars and exquisite restaurants. Whatever your desires, Gay Chicago will charm and warm you. Indeed, you may never want to leave.

The winds of change: The history of Gay Chicago

As far back as the 1920s, Gay Chicago nightlife could be found in the city’s Towertown neighbourhood. Vibrant underground communities also sprung up in The Old Town, Lincoln Park, and then along the famous Clark Street to Boys Town.

By 1935, Alfred Finnie, gambler extraordinaire, was holding infamous balls and female impersonation competitions on Chicago’s South Side. Glamorous Gay Dating in Chicago reigned supreme.

Gay Chicago has long been a home for LGBT pioneers. Psychologist Evelyn Hooker was instrumental in challenging the prevalent belief that gay people were ‘abnormal’. And her influential study on gay men laid the ground for the American Psychiatric Association removing homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders in 1973. However, before this, in 1961, Illinois became the first US state to repeal draconian sodomy laws.

But police raids on spots for Gay Dating in Chicago remained common. Yet even before the Stonewall uprising in New York and the birth of gay liberation, gay men and women were pushing back against victimisation. For example, in 1968, when the Trip bar was illegally raided, the case went to the Supreme Court. And the owners triumphed.

Gay Chicago also played a key role in the battle against AIDS. In 1985, the first blood test screening for HIV antibodies was developed by Abbott. And the community continued to mobilise with meal deliveries and housing for people living with HIV.

But Gay Chicago’s most joyous moments were yet to come. In 2013 Illinois passed full marriage equality for same-sex couples. And then six years later, Lori Lightfoot was elected Chicago’s first black woman and openly gay mayor. Little wonder LGBT people feel at home in the windy city.

Beautiful boys: the best Gay Bars in Chicago

Boystown and Andersonville are the centers of queer shenanigans in Gay Chicago. But you’ll find hidden gay gems all across the city. Whether you’re looking for Gay Dating in Chicago or sweet ‘n sticky fun, here are some of the must-visit Gay Bars in Chicago.

Artist-led Molasses organises everything from happening parties to balls and cookouts throughout Chicago. Their focus is on creating safe spaces and platforms for black and brown trans people. A hugely welcome initiative.

Jeffrey Pub on S.Jefferey Boulevard has been one of the most beloved Gay Bars in Chicago since the 1960s. And it remains one of the city’s most vibrant and imaginative queer spots. Perfect for Gay Dating in Chicago.

Roscoe’s Tavern on N.Halsted Street features multiple bars and a dancefloor just waiting for you to boo.

Looking for a more sedate Gay Dating in Chicago experience? WANG’S cocktail lounge on N. Broadway serves delicious pear martinis in one of the lushest Gay Bars in Chicago.

The greatest Gay Clubs in Chicago

Last orders may have been called. But who wants to go home? Not alone, anyway. Let the wind sweep you away to one of these fabulous Gay Clubs in Chicago.

Berlin on W. Belmont Avenue is a Boystown institution. Top pop acts, live music and non-stop dancing ensure its reputation as one of brightest Gay Clubs in Chicago.

The huge Sidetrack on N.Halsted Street has it all. Cruise the roof deck and guzzle frozen cocktails in one of the many lounges of this quite rightly revered Gay Club in Chicago.

Gay Cruising in Chicago

Gay Dating in Chicago not your thing? Unleash the beast at these venues:

Tease todgers galore at the gloriously named ‘Windy City Blowholes’ in Steamworks sauna. Greedy cum-guzzlers can sample the ‘Sexagon’, a six-sided glory hole. No surprise this is one of the most popular establishments for Gay Cruising in Chicago.

Bang away in the backroom of Touche on N. Clark Street. This leather and fetish bar has been one of the top places for Gay Cruising in Chicago since 1977.

Picnic ‘n party at Pride

Chicago’s June Pride month is a longstanding highlight on the international gay calandar. The first parade was held in 1970. And since then has grown exponentially. Join thousands parading along North Halsted Street in Boys Town. And then party at Pride in the Park, an eclectic music festival in Grant Park.

Visitors should also check out the many events and community programs on offer at Center on Halsted in Lakeview. It welcomes more than 1,000 people every day.

Our summary of Gay Chicago

From Gay Dating in Chicago’s world-renowned restaurants and boozing and cruising hotties galore in Boys Town, the greatest city in the US midwest impresses in abundance. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find it in bustling Gay Chicago.

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