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Los Angeles is a hub for single ready-to-mingle LGBT folks; just don’t get turned off if the hottie you’re making out with suddenly shows you their recent headshot or a copy of their screenplay they just wrote.

You and your queer crew might not have the paparazzi flashing their cameras when you party, but in a city like LA you just have to fake it until you make it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a jaded LA native, there’s no denying that WeHo is still the place to be seen.

The Abbey was voted the best gay bar in the world. Hell, it might even be one of the best gay bars in the universe, but we’re not sure of the scene outside of Earth-yet. This massive iconic bar has an upscale gothic meets mediterranean vibe that attracts everyone from lipstick lesbians to leather daddies (If they’re not hanging out at Eagle LA); you certainly won’t have a problem finding Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Drinks aren’t cheap, but they make them so strong your bank account and your liver will thank you for only ordering one or two.

Sometimes you need to step out of the West Hollywood bubble. Silver Lake has Akbar, a retro bar that is a mixture of dance club and local watering hole popular with younger queers. There’s also Faultline a leather bar for those who are into beefy Bears who prefer the scent of sweat to Saint Laurent.

Like a lot of major cities, lesbian-only bars are dying. Sorry to burst your L Word dreams, but there isn’t a specific girls-only bar in LA. There are a lot of pop up parties and ladies nights though. Penthouse in WeHo does Fantasy Fridays and Milk Milk Lemonade is known for their hipster queer parties that happen at random places throughout the city. It’s kind of hard to have a deep discussion about feminist theory at a loud club, so that’s where Skylight Books comes in. Located in Los Feliz, Skylight Books is one of LA’s only independent bookstores that features an impressive LGBT section and frequent author readings. If you’re looking for the intellectual, creative girl of your dreams, Skylight could be the setting for the queer rom-com that is your life. Buy her the book she has in her hands and invite her on a date at the Yogurt Stop to share a cup of “Orange U a Top” or “Milk My Harvey Chocolate” froyo.

LA’s pride event is massive and it happens every June, so if you’re coming from out of town that would be the time to go. There’s also Outfest, an LGBT film and media organization that has film festival events throughout the year.

LA has its fair share of divas, but for the most part it’s a laid back city that knows when it’s time to work hard or party harder.

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