Dirty Talk

Talk to me dirty Daddy

Gay Dirtytalk: talk to me baby

There should be nothing quiet or timid about sex. If there is, something’s probably lacking. It’s the time to let rip with every grunt, groan, howl and pant you can muster. Embrace your inner beast. And it’s also the perfect opportunity to prove what a cunning linguist you are. To indulge in some thoroughly filthy talk to get those juices gushing. Forget politeness. Plunder your armory of expletives. Describe your most private fantasies in lurid detail. Nothing is off-limits with Gay Dirtytalk.

 Why should I get into Gay Dirtytalk?

 According to that most depraved nobleman, the Marquis de Sade, ‘the most voluptuous sensations are transmitted by the organs of hearing.’ There are three main reasons to pepper your pummelling with Gay Dirtytalk. Firstly, it can be instructive. Tell him exactly what you want to do to him. And vice versa. In detail. No man is a mind reader. Sometimes you have to spell it out. Or shout it out. Neighbours? Earplugs. Or they can listen and learn. Secondly, Gay Dirtytalk ups the ante of desire. The right words and commands used at the appropriate moment can push pleasure to the absolute brink. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Gay Dirtytalk is liberating. Think of the endless hours you play at respectability. Now it’s time to frighten the horses. Fantasies are meant to be lived not shut away. And words are the key.

What is classed as Gay Dirtytalk?

A few ‘fucks mes’ while he’s knocking at your back door may suffice for some. But it’s frankly tame. And merely stating the obvious. Get verbose with those verbs. Demand to be stretched, tweaked, guzzled and pumped. Tell him how good he feels, smells and tastes. Incorporate this with some impeccably timed eye contacting and gurning. And he’ll be gagging for more.

Where can I practice Gay Dirtytalk?

The most obvious place for vocal acrobatics is foreplay. And then the pile-driving itself. But you don’t need to be in the same physical space as your partner to have Gay Dirtytalk fun. Cybersex, phone sex and sexting rely solely upon you waxing lyrical. And Smartphone speakers have revolutionised obscene phone calls. Just think about what you can do with your hands. Ready to make some real noise? Give your voice and other boxes a thorough workout on Gays.com.

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