Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk

Who doesn’t like to talk dirty? Nothing is off limits when it’s between two consenting adults. Want to compare someone’s endowment to a chipolata or a vagina to a ham dropped from the top of a multi-storey car park? Some people get off on this. As long you’re both ok with it, it’s fine. And then, of course, there are the joys of phone sex. It’s completely anonymous, and you can go down the routes of role play or chuck in every foul expletive that comes to mind. Just make sure you don’t give out the number of the work Blackberry.


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  • cyber sex - Gay Guys! <3

    Yheeeeeeeeeeaaah! Ok maybe i'm wrong but I think it's really pathetic....... Are people are soooooooooo in need of sex or something? They don't know what reality is? and they take refuge in c ...
    • 11 replies
  • sexting - Bi Bi Bi Women

    I'm not one to send naughtry picturs but I do enjoy a good intresting dirty talk. Altough it is very hard to find a girl who would wanna do so. That or just someone to talk to. ...
    • 7 replies
  • love to know who likes phone sex. i personallly love it ladies ...
    • 7 replies
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