Have a fantasy about getting wet 'n' wild? Gay watersports are more popular than you may think. So, if you want to explore a urine fetish, Alex Hopkins offers up his top tips on how to get started with pissplay and piss kink...


Up for some gay watersports? No, we're not talking about a spot of surfing on the Med, but something significantly wetter and wilder. The official name is urolagnia, otherwise known as pissplay. And it’s all about gaining sexual satisfaction from urination. The most common example of this is being pissed on.

And it's actually a common fetish amongst us gays. A piss kink is reportedly in the top six fetishes among surveyed gay men, which makes the love of gushing golden streams almost mainstream. Indeed, there have even been disturbing claims that Donald Trump enjoys wee wee wickedness. But let's not dwell on such horrors. 


Pissplay: why it's such a turn-on

Gay watersports are a mainstay in BDSM and centre around ideas of being used or degraded. For example, power exchange scenes may involve a dom urinating over his thirsty sub.

But, crucially, pissplay is also about intimacy. Participants enthuse about the taste and smell of urine and its warmth on the skin. For them drinking from the tap is an erotic art. And it's potentially life-changing in forging new, almost primal connections. 


Sounds hot! How do I do gay watersports?

Here are our top practical piss kink tips to drive you wet 'n' wild:


Where to get wet with gay pee

The clue is in the name. Golden ‘showers’. Yes, ideally you should indulge in pissplay in the shower or a bathtub. Keep the water off while playing. And rinse immediately afterwards. Thoroughly. While you can use rubber sheets and play in bed, it’s risky. Mattresses don’t come cheap. And certain odours are stubborn to shift.

In the warmer months, outdoor pissplay is an option. However, for hot group piss kink action, nothing beats a sex club. Spotting specimens who share your gay golden shower fetish here is easy: they’ll be proudly wearing a black leather or rubber ensemble, with a cute yellow trim.

Fancy pissing on those pits? shutterstock/AJR_Photo


Relax and remove pissplay pressures

Pressure is the enemy of sex as it leads to performance anxiety. And with a urine fetish, the stress can sometimes make you pee shy.  

Consequently, initially get together with your pissplay partner in the living room or boudoir. Talk. Share saucy tales. Sure, air expectations about your pissplay desires. But don’t get too hung up on this. Relaxation is the goal for now. 


Hydration before horniness

Piss kink prep means being extra hydrated. And as you relax together, share more than a beverage or two. Drinking lots of liquid is essential before opening the floodgates. Consider a range of diuretics. But be aware that they may change the flavour of your piss. And everything is, of course, an acquired taste. 


“Gay watersports are a mainstay in BDSM and centre around ideas of being used or degraded. For example, power exchange scenes may involve a dom urinating over his thirsty sub.”

Alcohol fills your bladder but doesn’t taste great coming out the other end. But, pineapple and peaches reportedly make your pee sweeter! Conversely, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower can be ghastly on the tongue.


Foreplay first - but don’t go too far

Use trusted foreplay techniques before getting wild with gay watersports. This will enhance relaxation. And build intimacy and intensity.


However, don’t go too far. Your cock shouldn’t be at full mast. The focus here is on shooting a different type of load. And anyone who has tried to piss with an erection will tell you that it’s something of a challenge.


Setting the scene

Feeling sufficiently sexy? Bladder ripe for bursting? It’s time to move to the bathroom for the main gay watersports event. However, before you do so, take time to set the scene. So much about sex concerns appropriate and flattering lighting. Yes, illuminations can be kind or devastatingly cruel. We’ve all been there.

So, as Donna Summer said, dim the lights. And consider using candles. They’re far less intimidating than electric lighting. But do ensure that there’s enough light for you to see where you’re aiming your rod. 

Make a sexy splash in the shower shutterstock/BLACKDAY


Perfecting pissplay 

Once everything is prepared, the bathroom awaits for your piss pleasure. If you’re a newbie and partnered with a more experienced pee practitioner, he could lead the way. 

But as with everything kinky, consent is vital to gay watersports. And boundaries must be clearly established before you begin to play. Start pissplay after getting in the shower or bathtub together. And try exploring these four gay pee scenarios.


1. Watch him take a leak

This is a great way to start experimenting with a piss kink. Some guys get off on watching others drain their dicks. Or, indeed, wet themselves.


“Pissplay is also about intimacy. Guys enthuse about the taste and smell of urine and its warmth on the skin. For them drinking from the tap is an erotic art.”


You may wish to be particularly forensic in your observations. If so, get close up to his piss slit and relish every moment from the first dribble to the steady, supreme stream. 


2. Grab golden showers

Glorious golden showers are the most popular type of gay watersports. Here, one guy unleashes his golden nectar over the other. Choose where you aim that juice. You have the whole body at your disposal. However, safety is vital. More on this below.


3. Keep it inside

Inside him, not you. Yep, pissing up your man’s butt is a kink. Although this can be challenging given that it’s decidedly difficult to urinate when one’s dick is at full alert. But with steadfast practice, willpower and consent, you could indeed flood him with a pee enema.


4. Drink from the golden cup

Like sperm, gay pee is worthy of worship. And what better way to show your reverence than drinking down his hot pee as part of gay watersports? But this, like urinating up your man’s bumhole, is a more extreme type of piss kink. And comes with greater health risks.


How safe is pissplay?

Contrary to popular belief, urine is not sterile. It contains bacteria. However, this is usually in low, unharmful doses. Indeed, this type of bacteria actually protects your bladder’s lining.

But problems can arise if you’re unhealthy, as with any kind of fluid exchange. And this means that bacterial, fungal and viral infections can be passed on through gay watersports. So, always be careful with broken skin or wounds. And ideally know the health status of those you’re playing with.

Practising gay watersports outside can be fun and filthy


Additionally, remember that pee is bodily waste, So, drinking it can be dodgy. Try to keep consumption low or merely smell and taste, rather than swallow it. 


The bottom line: gay watersports

Whether you’re seeking a human urinal or just a light rinsing with golden showers, gay watersports are one the easiest and most popular gay kinks to explore. All you need to get started is willingness, water and somewhere to wipe yourself down.

A urine fetish can be enjoyed as part of your usual sexual routine or as a standalone session. Practice pissplay safely, with consent and ignore stigma, and the most delicious of drenchings could await. •
Main image: shutterstock/Wut_Moppie

What kind of piss kink have you sampled? Soak us in your gay pee stories by commenting below.

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I love the warmth and wetness of piss on my body, especially my dick 

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