So many things I can do with Hands

Hands: What can I NOT do with them?

Too often we use our hands unthinkingly during sex. Or worse yet, we don’t use them at all. Cast your mind back to your teenage years and those first fumblings. All that youthful discovery. But over the years, many of us have forgotten what we can do with our hands. Time to remedy that.

How do I use hands to reach those erogenous zones?

Everyone possesses erogenous zones. And you ignore these are your peril. There are six vital erogenous zones for your hands to explore. The inner thighs, neck, eyes, scalp, lips and fingertips. The sensitivity of these zones varies from person to person. One man may relish you chewing on his nips like you’re sucking a pair of ripe strawberries. Another will give you the dreaded ‘what the hell do you think you’re doing?’ look. Use those hands and digits to explore one another’s bodies. Nibble his neck. Weaves those fingers up his thighs. Trace his lips with those fingertips. You’ll soon find out whether you’re hitting his spots. If not, move swiftly on. You’re both on the filthiest voyage of discovery. Relish it.

What are the other hot things to do with hands?

Confidence is everything when it comes to sex. Let’s face it, most gay men have been around the sexual block. No need to be shy about it. Show off. The hottest sex comes from when we use our brains first. The mind then drives those hands. So pull out your drawer of tricks. And use those hands to show him what you can do. Remember that your hands are working two bodies. Yours and his. Equal attention must be given to both. Grab his derriere and pull him deep into you. Delicately jangle those low swinging balls. Rub those fingers under his perineum. Tousle his hair - on his upper and lower decks.

How can I get kinky with hands?

All of these suggestions will ensure you both work up a sweat. Now it’s time to consider using those hands to take things to the next level. Anal accomplishments can start with the fingers. Some gentle probing. Just ensure those nails are neatly trimmed. Next step: sex toys. In this tech-savvy age, many sex toys are now hands-free. But there’s still nothing quite like manual operation. Savour his extraordinary, ever-changing facial expressions as you drive that dildo home. Having carried out the above, you may have finally exhausted your depraved imagination. What to do with those hands now? Lie back and let him shackle you to the bedpost of course. Surrender can equal unparalleled ecstasy. Craving a man to take you in hand? Find him by joining Gays.com today for free.

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