For homosexuals, the ultimate thrill is to feel the hot lover's piece inside them. There are exactly two ways to do this. Either you are a fan of the long blowjob or as a man you prefer anal sex at all levels. Who belongs to the last category, has clearly chosen the best sex ever.


If one wants to spoil the beloved once so properly, then anal sex will take over exactly that role. The reason for this is the male G-spot, also known as the prostate. It ensures that this sex experience can become an ultimate adventure.




Dirty and forbidden – but still teasing your senses

To this day, something forbidden and at the same time something very wicked resonates over the topic of anal sex. The entire topic is discussed in a more sneaky manner. This attitude is a pity, because butt sex is neither dirty nor indecent, unless you make it exactly that. If you listen to the general opinions on this subject, you can see that every horny homosexual dreams of this moment once. Whether he is the thrusting or the receiving part, it does not matter. By the fact that the backdoor has a wicked flavor, it is just stimulating.

Surveys in the scene show that more and more men want the anal and not the oral orgasm. So is anal the new oral?

Why is the anal orgasm so intense?

Those who regularly experience anal sex will notice that this experience can be considered much more intense than the pure blowjob. Of course, this also has its appeal, especially outside of your own four walls. However, almost nothing can trump the anal orgasm. It is and remains the top satisfaction. Why is that? Because numerous nerve endings converge in the anus, which are served and stimulated by your partner's thrusting. By stretching the sphincter or even by the pressure applied there, the stimuli go directly to the brain via the vagus nerve.

If you do not have a clear idea how to go about having proper anal sex, then looking at free sextube sites can provide the appropriate preferences. They create stimulation and excitement.

Now it gets slippery

Lubricant is especially important for anal sex. With it, you can, among other things, increase the variety of sexual pleasure. Why is lubricant so important during anal sex. The anus itself does not produce any fluid or secretion, which is why injuries can occur when dry thrusting into the tight hole. When it comes to lubricant, you now have several options. One is to use the normal product we know. It smells of nothing and looks the same. Much more interesting are lubricating gels with flavor. Not only do they smell better, but they also allow the popular rimming. In this case, the lover licks the anus and spoils his sex partner orally.

If you want to try anal sex for the first time, you can arm yourself with special relaxation gels or sprays. These have a slightly numbing effect.




Analtoy for extended foreplay

With anal sex, foreplay is a particular plus point. Here you can really get a lot out of it, namely arousal. The more aroused a man is, the more relaxed his anus is. Now you will probably think of the plug when talking about anal toys. This one is ideal for pre-stretching, of course, but you should consider the scope. Apart from this well-known sex toy, you can pamper your beloved with dildos and vibrators. And if you want to have some more fun yourself, the vibrating cock ring is the ideal equipment. One more tip at the end: the more intense the foreplay, the hotter the thoughts, the more extensive the anal sex. So take your time. Good butt sex doesn't come from a quickie, even if that can be very hot.


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