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Shower Sex: Loving it

Mopping up the mess after a heavy session can be an arduous task. Even if you possess a wipe-down mattress. Far better to jump in the shower and cleanse yourself in hot bursts. And while you’re at it, why not go for round two or three? Or perhaps flip things and commence your shagathon under those gushing jets. But be warned. Shower sex is not as easy as porn makes out. Here’s our advice on steaming things up sexily and safely.

 What precautions should I take with Gay Shower sex?

Safety first. Showers are naturally slippery places. The last thing you want is to take a tumble as you’re getting your engines going. Avoid spoiling the moment. And those embarrassing conversations in the Emergency Room. As with so much of sex, size is important. Can you both comfortably fit into the space? The larger the shower, the more people you can invite to the party of course. But don’t be over-optimistic. Ensure there are sufficient supports in the shower. Wall handles. Bars. Suction shower handles work wonders. As do footrests. Ensure you’re cavorting on a non-slip surface. Likewise, place a non-slip map on the floor. Falling at the last hurdle as you saunter to the bed is not a good look.

What are the hottest Gay Shower sex tips?

Prep is everything. Get the temperature of those jets just right before you get going. Water may form the basis of some lubricants. But it’s not a lubricant on its own. Invest in some silicone waterproof lube. Now you’re all set for some serious lathering up. Plenty of froth and bubbles. But ensure you rinse thoroughly. Otherwise, that shower floor is liable to get a tad slimy. And not in that way. Next, it’s time to turn up the temperature with some bath toys. Again, make sure they’re waterproof. Choose from vibrating loofahs, vibrators and butt plugs.

What kind of Gay Shower sex can I have?

Think beyond penetration. Slamming the lamb home has its place. But it can be tricky in the shower. At least for beginners. Gay Shower Sex lends itself to prolonged, intense foreplay. Get acquainted with those erogenous zones. Guzzle and gurn on his water pistol. Make Gay Shower sex awesome rather than awkward. Don’t be too adventurous too quickly. Keep it simple. And playful. Ready to work yourself into a lather of kinky desire? Find the perfect partner for a rubdown on

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