YouTube has revolutionized the way LGBT people share their stories. From beauty bloggers to trans activists and broadcasters of color, here are 10 of the most influential – and entertaining – gay YouTubers working today.


Thanks to the internet and social media, showcasing your life to the rest of the world has never been easier. Sometimes the results are inspiring and interesting, more often they are not! But – alongside TikTok and Instagram – YouTube has emerged as the go-to video channel when it comes to sharing your personal stories and opinions.

And, as the LGBTQ community as a whole have been previously underrepresented and struggled to find  voice, many of us queer and trans folk have taken to YouTube, eager to engage.

In fact, there are thousands of gay YouTubers on the platform. And while many of them simply want to share stories or try to earn some coin through viral vids, a whole new generation is using the platform to inform, educate, entertain, and stand up for LGBTQ rights. So, who are the main players in the LGBTQ YouTube world? 


10 LGBT and gay YouTubers to know

So, here – in no particular order – is our list of 10 gay YouTubers for you to check out and subscribe too. 


1. Jade Fox

With her quick-fire wit and hilarious stories, Jade Fox provides endless entertainment, making her one of our top gay YouTubers. And it seems the queer community agrees withs us as she has over 250K YouTube followers.

Jade's world-view is unique and uncompromising – and laced with comedy. And then there are those inimitable facial expressions! Whether Jade Fox is looking perplexed, joyful, or casting her eye over the latest film or pop ditty, she’s mesmerizing. For a taste of Jade Fox’s comedic genius, check out her video below on the pitfalls of dating a Leo.

Foxy lady! Jade is a lioness among gay YouTubers


2. Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings has become an ambassador for transgender youth. She is one of the youngest people to have publicly identified as trans. Defiant and resilient, Jazz Jennings has helped trans people feel less alone. Jazz has even been profiled by the legendary Barbara Walters. 

The interview came out in 2009, when Jazz Jennings was just eight years old. Since then, she has continued to open up debates on trans issues. Jazz Jennings documents every aspect of her life in her YouTube series ‘I am Jazz’. She never ceases to inspire – and educate.


3. Doug Armstrong

Based in the UK, gay YouTuber Doug Armstrong is known for his witty, fun-packed songs which he shares on his channel. This guy has serious musical talent. Check out Doug's acoustic cover of This is Me from the hit film The Greatest Showman. But better yet is Doug Armstrong’s song It’s OK to Be Gay (below). 



Sadly, Doug Armstrong reported that each time he mentions his sexuality, he actually loses YouTube subscribers (he still has over 250K). Shocking. It shows us that much work still needs to be done when it comes to LGBT equality.

(Arm)strong and sexy! LGBT YouTubers love Doug's witty ditties


4. Kat Blaque

The great thing about YouTube is its unprecedented reach. It’s accessible and open to everyone, meaning it has the power to make a serious impact on people’s outdated attitudes. Trans YouTube star Kat Blaque broadcasts to over 450K subscribers, giving the ‘True Tea’ (as she refers to it) on her everyday life and experiences.


“The most inspiring gay YouTubers don’t focus only on themselves but on the broader social context. They actively engage with the world, striving to make it a better place.”

When it comes to topics of interest to the LGBT YouTube community, Kat covers the whole spectrum. You’ll find wise advice on everything from polyamory to body positivity, race and politics. Indeed, the most inspiring LGBT YouTubers don’t focus only on themselves but on the broader social context. Kat Blaque actively engages with the world, striving to make it a better place. And we’re joining her in droves.

Kat-Blaque-LGBT-YouTubers.jpgKat Blaque: always inspiring the LGBTQ YouTube community!


5. MacDoesIt

‘Satirical comedic vlogger’, MacDoesIt is another gay YouTuber with a strong political outlook. MacDoesIt is actually Machiazellu Kahey – and his specialism, or rather astonishing talent, is animated physical comedy. The editing of his videos is genius – as is his wit. MacDoesIt has over 2.5 million followers and has even toured with Buzzfeed. Hilarious MacDoesIt may be, but like the best of the other LGBTQ YouTubers, he doesn’t shy away from the challenging issues. 

Watch MacDoesIt tackle everything from racism to gay conversion therapy to anti-gay commercials (below). You’ll be laughing out loud but also come away enlightened. 


6. Bretman Rock

Beauty blogging is a huge industry – and Bretman Rock is one of the biggest names in the biz. He has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube... and then there are over 18 million on Instagram! And this Filipino influencer is just 24 years old.

But Bretman Rock doesn’t just help us the gay YouTube community look and dress better. He inspires us to change how we view the world. Indeed, his YouTube videos are packed with sass and hilarity. Little wonder that Time magazine named Bretman Rock one of 30 most influential teens back in 2017.

gay-youtubers-lgbtq.jpgBretman Rock's beauty is unprecedented on social media :heart_eyes_cat:


7. Shannon Beveridge

Actress, LGBT advocate and gay YouTuber supreme Shannon Beveridge identifies as a lesbian and is the force behind YouTube channel NowThisIsLiving. Coming out will always be one of the greatest challenges LGBT people of all ages face. But thanks to changing attitudes, it’s becoming easier. And much of this has to do with social media.

Closeted LGBT people are now just a click away from advice and comfort. And this was what Shannon Beveridge provided in spades in her famous 15-minute video on her own coming out story.


8. Arif and Ricky

Gay couple Arif and Ricky have been together many years and their gay YouTube channel bursts with vibrant color and positive energy – just looking at it fills you with hope! But then there’s the content itself. You’ll find advice on coming out, dealing with families, and some great gay relationship advice. Plus, they are not afraid to tackle timely political issues, such as the new anti-drag laws in the USA. 


“Bretman Rock doesn’t just help us the gay YouTube community look and dress better. He inspires us to change how we view the world.”

There’s something wonderfully quirky Arif and Ricky. These two trained life-coachers don’t conform. Indeed, these gay YouTubers are shaping their own world – on their own terms. Part of this involves renovating a motorhome (!), and you can follow their journey online.

Arif and Ricky love each other and we love them!

9. Gregory Brown & Mitchell Moffit

Here's another gay YouTuber romance story! Gregory Brown and his long-term partner Mitchell Moffit are the brains behind YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE. We all know that there are plenty of us in the LGBTQ community that love geeks, so the videos from this couple may be right up your street.  

That's because these gay YouTubers release weekly videos on every aspect of science imaginable. Additionally, the pair have an alternative channel called Greg and Mitch where you can get an insight into their daily life. As a couple, Gregory and Mitchell have been together for over 11 years. Who says that love doesn’t conquer all?


ASAP-science-queer-youtube.jpgScience conquers all, but so does love. This dynamic duo brings the perfect mixture to YouTube :fire:


10. Loving Life Fam

Delicious home-made cooking, pet snakes, travel and a life-affirming glimpse of LGBT life all come together on the Loving Life Fam channel. These LGBT YouTubers are Victoria, her wife Regina, and their son Ariel. The ladies of Loving Life Fam have Ukrainian accents but have made Canada their home – and they invite you to share it! Welcome to what family really means: an alternative, LGBT family. Food and love – what more do any of us need? •


Who are your favorite gay YouTubers? Let us know who we’ve missed by commenting below.



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