Right now we live in a time where technology automatically exists in our lives; we spend far too much time uploading photos to Facebook and probably have a closer relationship to our smartphones than we do most of our friends.

But despite all of this, I’d like to think that we have the common sense and decency to realise that we don’t have the answer to everything on the gadget sat in front of us. Google as our daily search engine doesn’t actually know every solution, every piece of advice and reasoning behind some of life’s biggest questions.

We might search for a step-by-step guide on how to master Photoshop, details on the biggest news story at the time, or even why our boobs have grown (!). Whatever you’re searching, just by finding pages of ‘answers’ it doesn’t mean they’re right.

You might be thinking: ‘where is she going with this?’ Well, let me explain…

Despite our intelligence to use the resources around us, this seems to mean nothing when it comes to our common sense regarding sexuality. Is there a diversion of information going on? A roadblock of some sort? Maybe there’s a set of traffic lights in the minds of many, stopping them realising that blaming homosexuality on a variety of factors (as if it’s a form of disease) is damn right ridiculous.

Don’t let those lesbos in!
There have been many forms of ‘doing X Y or Z can turn your child gay’ in the media in the last God knows how many years, but the most recent of these really do puzzle me. Let’s start by taking a look at this piece about televangelist Pat Robertson, who until today I had no opinion on…

According to good ol’ Pat, letting lesbians in your house might turn your kids gay. And this is where religion comes in, but that’s a whole new kettle of fish to argue over another day. Pat warned a TV viewer than by letting lesbian friends into their house it could have an impact on their child’s sexuality, because obviously, homosexuality is a bit like passing on shingles or the chicken pox. Duh. It’s a ‘lifestyle’ choice we decide for ourselves, blah blah blah, change the homophobic record please.

Playing gay
And it gets worse and worse, as this utter moron states that allowing your children to play video games will “turn them homosexual.” Apparently, “It’s high time we call out video games for what they really are – packaged weapons aimed at our children by the gay community to turn our children into homosexuals.” Because of course that was ‘our’ intention, and we homosexuals are in fact the ones behind the million-player-strong gaming industry, determined to “turn” players from a young age. Am I going crazy? Am I actually reading this? Let’s blame the gays for everything!

According to the so-called journalist, the popularity of football and soccer games is where it all started. ‘We want to get your children interested in sport! Play this Xbox game!’ don’t be stupid; we want to turn your children gay! How foolish of me to not realise. According to her blog, the characters’ “tight little shorts” and “overly muscular” characteristics just scream GAY and encourages cross dressing. Er, what?

Dangerous when wet
But if that wasn’t stupid enough, UKIP councillor David Silvester had to stick his ugly face in the news and claim that the recent floods in the UK were caused by the legalisation of gay marriage. Excuse me? Who in their right mind would even connect the dots and result in that explanation? The only relation of the word ‘floods’ to this would be floods of tears. Gay marriage, yay!

Fag for a fag?!
And last but not least, most recently UK ‘newspaper’ The Mirror reported a claim by a Dutch neurobiologist that if mothers smoke during pregnancy then it would increase the likelihood of their child being gay. Is this linking smoking (something that can cause lung cancer and similar terrible diseases) to homosexuality?

Well, if in that case, I hate to think of what they’ll come up with next. Maybe they’ll blame the UK smoking ban (in restaurants, pubs, etc) on those who are wary of second hand smoke affecting their child’s sexuality. Woah, this is just beyond me!

Do you know of any other things the gays have been blamed for? Add them and the links in the comments below! •

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"playing video games will TURN them gay apparently" nah that never happens i mean i was......oh wait maybe its true haha LOL

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Well at least I don't own a smart phone or any cell phone for that matter! Okay I have been a gay activist for 60+ years and Robertson was blaming us for torndos, hurricanes, etc since the 1970s--USA 'Reverends' have blamed us for draughts and floods--so far they haven't bsaid Mother Natrure is a Lesbian!! Personaly I think TV has made us all gay!

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