Spunk, Jism, the shite stuff: just a few of the other names for the goey mess that squirts out of the scared One Eyed Monster. For ultra-Conservative, religious straights, man eggs should never be seen and must, at all, costs, shoot up that vagina, without a drop spilled in order to create lots of little, loud babies. Gay and bi men, have a wholly different take on it: for some it’s not the by-product of a good seeing to be mopped up at once, but a delectable liquid to be worshipped, massaged, dribbled and even gurgled with unrepentant joy.


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  • I'm a computer programmer, web designer & amateur musician in my late forties living in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm "asexual" (which means I'm not straight, gay or bi), but would like to become a s ...
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