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Leather: Always sexy

Gay Leather Men have long been one of the most recognisable figures in gay culture. And what figures they are! Who hasn’t had sticky dreams of being bent over and made airtight by a bulging beast in a leather bomber jacket? But a Gay Leather Fetish isn’t just a look. It’s an attitude.

 What are the origins of the Gay Leather subculture?

 It can be traced back to hot bikers in the 1940s. And, of course, it started in the United States. Following the Second World War, there was an explosion in biker culture. Clubs such as Satyrs Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles were born. Not all of its members resembled the roguish Marlon Brando, but he springs to mind when we think about Gay Leather Men. They're rugged, unashamedly masculine, provocative and oozing a dangerous sex appeal. As international travel became more available, the scene boldly crossed the Atlantic.

Where can I find Gay Men in Leather?

The first bar for Gay Leather Men opened in Chicago in 1958. Then in 1966, leather bars appeared on the legendary Folsom Street in San Francisco. The street gave its name to an international leather fair in 1984, which remains an essential on every self-respecting Gay Leather man’s calendar. In the UK, the scene for those with a Gay Leather Fetish got going from 1967. Infamous London bars such as The Coleherne are sadly not gone. But regular club nights remain for Gay Leather Men and their many admirers. Check out our sister site Fetish.com to find out more about the Gay Leather Fetish and BDSM scene.

What is the appeal of a Gay Leather Fetish?

Those with a Gay Leather Fetish identify three key factors. Firstly, it’s the look. Harnesses, chaps, leather jackets and vests all scream strength. Secondly, it’s the smell. Old leather, in particular, has a beautiful, almost primal scent to it. Moreover, the special thing about smell is that it’s intricately linked to memory. So you’ll never forget that Tom of Finland muscle God who stood next to you way back in 1987. He’ll rightly become the product of your lifelong masturbatory fantasies. Thirdly, it's the feel. Warm, soft, yet supportive, donning leather makes Gay Leather Men feel like they can conquer the world. And every leather lover in it.

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