Latex Fetish

Transform your identity and sex life

Latex Fetish: Second skin

Latex for Men is liberating. It’s the second most vital milky fluid that gay men can get their hands on. Put simply, Latex is rubber and is found beneath the bark of a mature rubber tree. The unique sensations of this material have quite rightly earned it the title ‘second skin’. And sliding into it can transform both your identity and sex life. It allows you to be a far more fascinating creature than you might be in everyday life. And who can argue with that?

 What does Latex for Men do to our identities?

Donning this second skin allows you to play with your identity. Create characters of your choosing. Refashion your interior world. Latex lovers often have a keen understanding of how unstable identity is. How we have multiple selves within ourselves. Unshackle these and the possibilities are mindblowing. Better yet, Latex is a skin you can shed. You can change the colour. You can channel different aspects of your personality. And tap into those of your other half.

How easy is it to wear Latex for Men?

The best things in life can be tricky to get into. And so it is with super-tight Latex. But fear not. There’s an easy solution. And it’s sitting there winking at you on your bedside table. Yes, lube of course. Always lube your Latex. Missing this crucial step will mean that your attire will result in friction points. And some strange squeaks on your skin. Although even the sound of those might turn you on. Slowly lubing Latex is a ritual in itself. Of sexual proportions. Not unlike foreplay. But once you’ve squeezed into your Latex for Men, it will feel like you’re being hugged. Loved. Unconditionally. It’ll cling to and accentuate your curves in the most intimate way. Moreover, it will both cool and heat the body. But be warned. Latex constricts. It means you have to hold yourself and move differently. Which of course feeds into the whole idea of assuming an intriguing new identity!

What opportunities are there for Latex Kink?

Latex for Men means sensory overload. It has a unique taste and smell. It’s slippery and smooth. And it restricts the movements you take for granted. Everything you need for Latex Kink frolics. Latex Kink can start with something as simple as briefs. And build to role-playing romps with blindfolds, gimp suits and whips. It’s perfect for pure sensory deprivation! Not hardcore enough? Why not practice becoming a plastic doll. Or a pet. Subservient to your Dom’s every demand. What are your Latex Kink fantasies? Share them on

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