Powerful law of fetishized attraction

Fetish: The allrounder

Have you experienced a powerful sexual attraction to an inanimate object? Or a body part other than what’s down south? You’re far from alone. And whatever Gay Fetish you’re into, you’ll find another guy who shares your passion. Why? Because the fabulously frisky world of the Gay Fetish knows no bounds. And you’ve hit upon the perfect site to discover them.

 How do guys realise they have a Gay Fetish?

 The origin of a Gay Fetish is a tricky one. Indeed, even lucky scientists who study kinky behaviour disagree on where it comes from. The obvious answer is in childhood. Perhaps you have a vivid memory of a certain nonsexual object which you linked with pleasure. But others discover their fetish of choice through experimentation. However, getting hung up on the why and where of your Gay Fetish isn’t the way to go. Navel-gazing is rarely productive. And never during sex. So, don’t overthink. Explore.

What's the difference between a Gay Fetish and Gay Kinks?

The terms Gay Fetish and Gay Kinks are frequently used interchangeably. And there’s much overlap between the two. With a fetish, you experience an intense sexual attraction to an object. Or a type of behaviour. Your senses lead the way. The smell, taste or feel of something is what gets you off. However, Gay Kinks are more commonly associated with sexual antics outside what’s considered ‘traditional’ or ‘normal’. Though of course those two words are greatly problematic. Because who is to say what’s ‘normal’? But there’s one key difference. You can knock yourself out with Gay Kinks without the overriding sexual attraction to an object you get with fetishes.

How should you begin to explore a Gay Fetish?

The great news is that you can write your own rules when exploring fetishes. No need to follow templates. Hey, you can even create a new fetish. But these tips will tease out max pleasure. Firstly, start slowly. This is your journey. No one else’s. Go it alone. Or with someone you trust. Communicate with honesty and respect. Secondly, stay safe. Set boundaries. Everything must be consensual. Never be coerced into anything. And thirdly, and most importantly, have fun! Go about things with a sense of joy and discovery. And a sense of humour. So what if you decide a particular Gay Fetish isn’t for you. Try the next one.

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