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Wax Play: The hotter the better

We all love it hot and dripping. But if you really want to turn up the heat, explore the scorchio scenarios of Wax Play. This key part of BDSM involves melting and then dripping candle wax on to the body. Whenever one plays with fire there are of course risks. However, the pain/pleasure dividends can be intense and one of a kind. Not deterred? Great. Reach for the matches and reignite the dying embers of your passion.

 How should you prepare for Gay wax play?

Careful prep is vital for all BDSM scenarios. But with Gay wax play it’s paramount. And you need to ensure all bases are covered in terms of your setting and your personal safety. No one wants to burn the house down. And particularly not when one is in a compromising situation. Given this, ensure that all flammable materials and substances are out of the way. Awkward wall decorations, for example. And of course bottles of poppers. Gay wax play can get messy. So, put away those exquisite Egyptian cotton sheets. And opt for something that you’re happy to get soiled. Have a wet towel to hand in case the very worst happens. And a first aid kit. It may sound obvious, but can’t be overstated given how carried away one can get in the throes of passion. Certain areas of the body must be avoided. Namely, those sensitive nether regions and hairy areas. Yes, it may seem daring to trickle hot wax on o that sumptuous rug of chest hair. But you’ll regret it when you try removing it later.

What can you expect to feel when indulging a Wax kink?

As you hear the click of that lighter, your muscles may well contract in anticipation. And then there’s the unique thrill as he brings the candle closer to your skin. But the ultimate thrill with a Wax kink comes as the hot sticky stuff drizzles on to your body. Those into a Wax kink speak of a sensual burning sensation. A feeling that is all the more exquisite because of the pain.

How do you choose candles for Wax Play?

Choose your Wax Play candles carefully. They should ideally be as pure as possible. And contain no nasty chemicals. Opt for candles containing paraffin or Soy. And whatever you do, don’t use candles in glass containers. Picking splintered glass off your skin is definitely not the next step in BDSM. Whatever your pain threshold. Ready to lick that wick? Hit up horny Wax play lovers on Gays.com.

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