Sneaker Fetish

Getting the kicks from kicks

Sneaker Fetish

Do you get your kicks from kicks? Principally, the kind of kicks that can only be dispensed with a pair of sneakers? A Sneaker Fetish focuses on sportswear shoes as an object of desire. Yes, it’s another form of clothing fetishisation. And is ripe for a plethora of filthy fantasies. The most common of these centre on the sacred scally boy. The rough, tough inner city lad who will either fuck you or kick you. And therein, of course, lies the appeal.

 Is a Sneaker Fetish always sexual?

No. As with all kinks, a Sneaker Fetish proffers an array of splendid surprises. Some guys simply get off from seeing images of sneakers. Yes, there are multiple Instagram accounts of sneakers being photographed from all angles. And in all manner of situations. And then there are the video clips. No sexual shenanigans here. Merely footage of sneakers being defiled. Viciously attacked with scissors. Caked with mud. Or even squashed vegetables. Think of it as shoe abuse. Yes, there are legions of guys who get a non-sexual thrill out of seeing their most beloved sneakers tortured.

How fussy are guys about their Sneaker Fetish?

All kinks are a serious business. They require a certain level of investment. And a Sneaker Fetish is no different. Guys with this kink can be exceptionally picky about their sneakers. Indeed, if you’re not sporting the correct pair, you may be a pariah within the Sneaker Fetish community. Some like them filthy. But others will only accept the most pristine pair. And then there’s the question of labels. Many guys with a Sneaker Fetish look down upon high fashion sportswear. Balenciaga, darling? No, thanks. Toss me an Adidas instead. And make sure it's a limited edition. Indeed, some guys are so particular that sneaker type shapes their hookups. Sure, you may be hung like a mule. But if you’re not wearing the correct shoes, you won’t get as far as his front door. Let alone his back door.

What goes on at a Sneaker Fetish sex party?

And talking of entrances, if you’re not in the right pair of shoes, don’t expect an invite to a Sneaker Fetish sex party. However, if you do tick the boxes, multiple delights await. Perhaps you’ll be forced to fuck to win a certain pair of sneakers. Or fight to prevent your cherished trainers from being ripped from your feet. Or possibly there’ll be a spot of trampling. But not before some serious sneaker worship. Kiss, sniff and lick ‘em, bitch. Want to really degrade him? Then tie him up with those laces. And gag him with those stinking stops. Conclude proceedings with a cumathon. On those sneakers. Naturally. And then force him to lick it up and swallow every glob. Looking to get naughty with some Nikes? Want a scolding from a scally? Find him on for free today.

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