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Women's Lingerie: embracing femininity

From bustiers to bras, garters to thongs, legions of lustful men are embracing lingerie. Men in Lingerie was once an unspeakable kink. Something to hide. To feel ashamed of. Thankfully, those days are gone. And Men in Lingerie is fearlessly frolicking with the mainstream. Curious about getting a good frisking in fishnets? Here’s all you need to know about the trend that’s setting both catwalks and bedrooms aflame.

What's the appeal of Men in Lingerie? 

The appeal of Men in Lingerie varies depending on the individual. But lingerie lovers often speak of similar things. Firstly, there’s the feel of the material. The exquisitely soft and smooth texture of silk. The twang of garters against the skin. The delicacy of lace. The sensation is everything for Men in Lingerie. Secondly, there are the psychological effects. Men in Lingerie speak about being empowered. Oozing self-confidence. Expressing their individuality. And boldly breaking so-called gender norms. More on these devilish delights below! And thirdly, there’s the vibrant visual feast that Men in Lingerie bring to the sexual smorgasbord. What better way to show off those superhuman muscles than slipping into a devastatingly revealing thong? The impact is immediate. And unignorable.

What's the relationship between Men wearing lingerie and gender play?

Many are the gay guys who recall playground taunts. The puerile insults about Men wearing lingerie. Likewise, who doesn’t remember 1980s sex scandals about some politician being papped in his wife’s frilly knickers? But such sissy shaming is fast being relegated to the closet. Thankfully. We are living in gender-fluid times. Men wearing lingerie make an overt statement. They actively reject shame. And celebrate the extraordinary, life-changing power of women. Fashions may change. But fantasies don’t. And increasingly Men in Lingerie feel liberated to explore their feminine side. Which opens up a whole new realm of erotic possibilities.

How can Lingerie for men mean sizzling sex?

Sensational sex is about surprise. Defying expectations. And surprises are always better when they’re packaged imaginatively. All the better for the grand reveal. After plenty of tweaking and tantalising, naturally. Why plump for a prosaic pair of Y-fronts when there are beautiful bikini bottoms to bolster your booty? Lingerie for men is about playing with new ways to present your body. And explore your partner’s. These guys are secure enough about their sexuality and masculinity to subvert sartorial traditions. They understand that Lingerie for men means an intoxicating mix of fragility and fierceness. Which is the essence of truly memorable man-on-man action. Moreover, lingerie lovers invite you to banish your judgments. To drop your inhibitions as quickly as those panties and party on down. Looking to get lacy? Now's the time to link up with other Men in Lingerie on Gays.com

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