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Submission: I do as you say

Look at online profiles and you may think that every gay guy is into some form of Submission. Desperately searching for that big bad Dom. But too few guys really understand what’s involved in these BDSM dynamics. Merely calling someone ‘Daddy’ won’t cut the mustard. Submission is a serious business. It can take years of personal exploration. And that’s to say nothing about finding the right Dom. But investment in the kinkiest of power play yields also extraordinary dividends. The possibility of transforming not only your sex life but the depths of your psyche. Follow our guide to master superhuman sub powers.

 What are the signs that you might be into Submission?

Submission takes many forms. Some are more extreme than others. But broadly speaking it can be broken down into three categories. Bondage and Submission. Dominance and Submission. And Sadism and Masochism. Do the blurry lines between pleasure and pain get your mouth and other regions watering? Perhaps a bit of hair pulling turns you on. Or some light spanking? Or some nipple play that unexpectedly and deliciously results in your rummaging around the bathroom cabinet for sticking plasters? However, kinky play isn’t the same as Submission. Even in its heavier forms? Submission is about power exchange. Giving or receiving power. Consensually. Always. And this can lead you to the most extraordinary place. Subspace. A natural chemical high. To achieve this you need to be fully immersed in the scene. Moreover, you need to have complete trust in your Dom.

What are the three top things a Gay Sub must understand?

Firstly, effective communication is vital for every Gay Sub. Clearly state your desires and boundaries to your Dom. And never feel pressured into anything. Secondly, a Gay Sub must choose a Safe Word. Agree upon it with your partner. And don't hesitate to use it whenever you feel your limits are being crossed. Thirdly, understand that a Gay Sub is actually in control. You have the power to create your own menu of BDSM delights. And your Dom’s role is to select from this. And surprise you. But to be sensitive to your needs at all times.

What might a longterm Gay Dom and Sub relationship look like?

There are multiple configurations to Gay Dom and Sub relationships. Romantic. Exclusive. Friends with Benefits. Polyamorous. Above all, recognise you’re on a Submission journey together. Foreground trust. And Consent. And ongoing communication. How about a training relationship? Animal role play perhaps. Puppies or ponies? You choose. Other Gay Don and Sub relationships may involve keys. Cock cages and chastity belts. But whatever route you choose, remember that a Gay Dom and Sub dynamic involves care. Principally, aftercare for the Sub following a full-throttle session. Submission is a step-by-step process. Start it on or our kink cave sister site

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