Authority can be very sexy, and there are few more direct ways of denoting power than by wearing a uniform, which instantly sets up a power dynamic ripe for sexual exploration. Uniforms can form a crucial part of role play and BDSM. Whether you harbour fantasies about that school teacher with the cane, the hot builder, the dominant cop who promises to give you a good frisking or that hunky doctor with his very long stethoscope, getting your partner to don certain attire can add some extra sauce to your bedroom antics. Being ordered about, shouted at or abused allows opens up a whole new dynamic in a relationship. Surrender all inhibitions!


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  • this item came up in england and scotland last year, where young boys wished to be able to wear skirts to school. In 2011 nov, Luca Scarbello ,13, lodged a petition calling for an end to gender specif ...
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