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Suits: Lookin' sharp

For some, a suit is beyond boring. It speaks of tedious office jobs. Conforming. Commuting from the suburbs. But for those with a Suit fetish, there’s nothing sexier than a man in perfectly fitted trousers and jackets. Debonair and impossibly handsome, he’s simply irresistible. And then of course there’s the question of what delights dwell beneath that deceptively respectable facade.

Suits you, sir: what’s the appeal of Guys in suits?

All clothes are drag. And suits are no different. They allow us to inhabit new, more exciting personas. And to explore other worlds and possibilities. Not to mention the sauciest of fantasies. Ideas of power are often central to Guys in suits. Think confident and commanding CEOs. Masters of all they survey. The image is often one of professionalism. And unrepentant masculinity. But in the most refined sense. And then there’s the flip side. Which is where the frolics commence. Are all Guys in suits really in complete control of their imaginary empire? Or do they long to be bent over that boardroom table and given a damn good punishment for being a ‘capitalist pig’? This is of course just one possible role-play scenario for Guys in suits.

How do I get started with a Suit fetish?

It’s quick and easy to embark upon your Suit fetish journey. You have the basic kit already in your wardrobe. You can start with any kind of suit. Yes, it can be cheap and off the rack. But better yet, invest in some exquisite tailoring. Why? Because many guys with a Suit fetish are most particular about the cut and quality of suits. Attention to detail is integral to this kink. But more importantly, a Suit fetish is about finding what you feel comfortable in. The kind of suit that enhances your frame. And shows off your finest assets.

How does a Suit fetish crossover with other kinks?

We’ve already covered ideas of subbing and domming. These may or may not be for you. Or you may just get a kick out of looking unapologetically debonair in this ramshackle world. But guys with a Suit fetish may often also be turned on by other clothing kinks. Think socks, underwear, suspenders, ties and braces. All of those things that complement your immaculately tailored frame. And are ripe for being ripped off it. There are clubs and societies for guys with a Suit fetish all over the world. Places to play or merely to sip cocktails in the most sophisticated of surroundings. Yes, things may at first look exceptionally civilised. But we all know that appearances can be deceptive. Sick of sloppy sartorial standards? Embrace style and sensuality with other suit lovers on

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