Are you looking to kink up your sex life? Trying out gay roleplay can be hot 'n' horny and a whole lot of fun. So, from cops to kidnap, here are nine sexy scenarios from the world of porn to get going with.

If you've been in a relationship for yonks, it's only normal – inevitable even – that your sex life with your partner will fizzle out to some degree. When you first met in those heady days you were probably fucking passionately at every given opportunity, but now sex with your better half has become more of a damp squib (or a damp patch). Yep, it's easy to get tired of the same old in and out, so adding in some gay roleplay ideas to your sex life can help to get things back on track.

You're probably familiar with a few gay porn roleplay scenarios already – the pizza delivery boy getting his 8" pepperoni gobbled up or the jail scene in which the inmate gets a good beating and bumming from his cellmates. But in the name of, ahem, research, we watched a whole lot more gay porn to come up with our top nine roleplay ideas for you to try. So, why not give some – or all – of them a whirl? Let us know which turn you on the most in the comments below! 


Gay roleplay idea 1 | Brutal builders  

Who hasn’t been turned on by the sight of half-naked builders banging away at some scaffolding on a swelteringly hot day? Just the sign ‘danger, men working overhead’ is enough to make some of us cream our pants. So, why not become the willing apprentice to a brutal builder? Charge up that power drill, get grunting 'n' spitting as only builders can, and brace yourself for a damn good sanding down!

Fully get into the gay porn roleplay idea by kitting out in the building site uniform: buy some overalls or a hi-vis jacket from Amazon and maybe leave some work tools laying around. We can guarantee they won't be the only tools getting attention! Oh, and we haven't even started talking about hard hats or helmets...

Gay porn role play: become the willing apprentice to a brutal builder


Gay roleplay idea 2 | Locker room lashings 

When it comes to spicing up your sex life, sports is one of the most popular gay roleplay ideas – and there are endless scenarios you can think up, depending on your kinks. Want to get sweaty with your fantasy coach? Let that Major League baseball hunk knock your balls right out of the park.


“Fully get into the gay porn roleplay idea by kitting out in a building site uniform: buy some overalls or a hi-vis jacket and leave some work tools laying around.”

Then there are the unspeakably depraved antics you can get up to in the locker room (we've all seen those porn flicks). What about kinky initiation rituals following the showers after soccer practice? What won’t you do to get on the team? Or maybe your personal trainer from the gym needs to hold you back after your workout to really put you through your paces? Indeed, sports gear fetishes are a huge turn-on for many of us.


Gay roleplay idea 3 | Getting a pizza the action

Ding-dong! That's the doorbell as your pizza delivery boy – who just happens to be hotter than his delivery – turns up at your door with his 8" pepperoni. Oh, can't find your wallet you say? Then you will just have to find another way to pay him back! Yep, pizza delivery boy is a gay porn classic, and one that you can easily reenact with a little imagination. In fact, nowadays you can take your pick from a whole host of delivery teams to choose from – UPS, Amazon, Deliveroo, Just Eat – technology may have changed but the idea behind this gay roleplay hasn't.  

Gay roleplay idea 4 | Dastardly Doctor

“The doctor will see you now.” Those are words that have spawned countless gay porn scenarios. Indeed, this is a tried and tested roleplay idea. Who didn’t play doctors and nurses – or doctors ‘n' doctors – at school? Select your BDSM-role based on whether you’re a dominant or submissive.

That dastardly doctor is, of course, the one in charge. Just look at the rampant chest hair bursting out from behind that white coat. Get wet as he slinks on those latex gloves ready to show off his bedside manner. Lie on your back, get those legs spread and revel in the probing of a lifetime. That thick thermometer of his is going to heat things up!

“The doctor will fist you now, sorry, see you now” shutterstock/Jasminko Ibrakovic

Gay roleplay idea 5 | Armed and dangerous

Forbidden situations are ripe for gay porn role play. For many years, the armed forces had major issues with gays in the military. That, of course, only fuelled our fantasies further. Drop to your knees and give your superior’s boots (and baton) a thorough polishing. But be warned, that drill sergeant has some heavy artillery. Can you handle multiple munitions? Stock up on camouflage gear and get to it – quick march! 

Gay roleplay idea 6 | Ransom-ready

Or how about a bit of kidnap for gay roleplay? Hot foot down your local DIY store, stock up on duct tape and rope, and dive right into those ferocious pre-roleplay negotiation talks. Once agreed, the 'kidnapper' can surprise the 'kidnapee' when he comes home from work one day and take charge. He'll then face the next three days (well, three hours maybe) tied up while being molested. We know he'll submit to anything to be let out. 

“When it comes to spicing up your sex life, sports is one of the most popular gay roleplay ideas – and there are endless scenarios, depending on your kinks.”

As with all BDSM, this gay roleplay can get as extreme as you like. Fancy a very public kidnapping? Set up a scene whereby one of you gets bundle into the boot of your car while you’re on your morning walk. Or arrange a third party to get involved too. But remember, when it comes to bondage, safety is key. Ensure you set your limits rights from the start. 

Queer kidnap roleplay? Yes please! shutterstock/LP Design


Gay roleplay idea 7 | Sex on the beach

Thinking outside of your box, how about Merman and Fisherman? No, bear with us… Remember that film Splash with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, where he rescues the mermaid in peril? You’ve got the basics right there. Tap into all those teenage fantasies about hot lifeguards. Get washed ashore with your desires and then miraculously saved by the fisherman with the massive rod. You’ll be dangling from his hook in no time.

Gay roleplay idea 8 | It’s a fair cop…

You’ve been a very naughty boy – and need to be taught a lesson. Punishment is one of the fundamental tenets of BDSM. Let that burly officer slam you against the bonnet with his beef bayonet. Handcuffs, uniforms, truncheons for some impact play, batons (read dildos!) and a prisoner who will do anything for parole. For all the inspiration you need, check out Tom of Finland’s police scenarios or check out our beginner's guide to gay BDSM


Gay roleplay idea 9 | Wildest fantasies

So, gay roleplay can be as varied and extreme as you like – if you’ve discussed things carefully and agreed on safe boundaries. Fantasy characters have become big in recent years – just look at all the anime porn and video games out there. Why not bring some of these hot scenarios into your roleplay? With a bit of make-up and even prosthetics, you can become whoever you want! •
Main image: shutterstock/SvetKh


Has this whetted your appetite for kink? If so, visit our sister site Fetish and connect with a whole new kinky community. Looking for someone to explore any of these sexy roleplay scenarios? Check out hundreds of hot profiles on Gays.

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I am a gay slaveboy who is seeking a Master to begin owning and training me asap

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My horniest roleplay from gay porn would be a scene from a MenAtPlay film. Something with business guys wearing suits and being interviewed or in a meeting before it turns into hot sex. Love the idea of that :P

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Sounds very cool

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