This is a well-known fetish which gets plenty of attention from the media - usually poking fun at those who are into it. But aren’t they the ones missing out? The feet - and toes - are crying out to be used in sexual shenanigans. Just think of all the things you can do with them - and all the places they could fit. Some guys and girls are simply turned on by the smell, while others are very specific about their requirements, insisting on a particular shape of feet and toes. Chuck in some fetish footwear and you’ve got an infinitely powerful combination.


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  • Feet and fabric

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with this akward fetish? I have a footfetish and i love it when bare feet are rubbing/giving footjob on jeans or cotton like fabrics i.e ( boxer) shorts/pants ...
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  • How many of you on here love feet i love mine being used for pleasure such a turn on for me ...
  • Somebody Tweeted "Republican Mitt Romney Your Hair Smell Like Feet & "Big Thick Midget Butt." I Said "Hell Naw." Then Somebody Said... (Article on Blogger) http://domegetta.blogspot.com/ ...
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  • Members who are looking for Feet

    HI I AM A GAY MAN FOR THOSE LADIES WHO SEEMS TO HAVE TO MESSAGE ME GET THE HINT. I AM GAY!!! I AM 50 FIFTY YEARS OLD DON’T LOOK IT ? I live in Kansas City I am honest and sincere. I love romance. Love all kinds of movies and music. I have a goofy sense of humor love to make people laugh. Love singing and I have a good heart and love to share it with a special guy. Never had a boyfriend not by choice just did not happen yet for me. I was born and raised back in Long Island New York. I lived in Boulder Colorado for 8 years. I have been in Kansas City For 12 years as of August 2018 I do not like A nal S e x at all bottom or tops. I believe love can be expressed in many ways. I love romantic stuff. Holding hands while taking a walk. Cuddling while watching a movie. There are so many ways to be close to someone and share feelings show love and express love and feelings for one another. Thats the love that last. I don’t like men who play mind games with my heart or are dishonest. I believe in the rule treat others as you wished to be treated. Life is to short for Bull Sh**. Maybe that’s why I’m single cause I’m not into that playing games with someone’s heart. I hope one day a great man will sweep me off my feet and love me for me and who I am the good and the bad and takecare of me. Tired of going through life alone. I love my friends and my family and my cats. Family and friends are important to me. If you are into playing games with me and my heart or just here for a hookup or not serious about finding the love of your life or to share your heart with me. Then don’t waste yours or my time. I not really into the a nal sex but I do believe love real love can be expressed in so many wonderful ways the love that last forever. Sharing life with someone special who will take care of me is my dream I had a hard life growing up as a child but I’m a man now lol but for once it be nice to have someone truly love me and take care of me that be so wonderful and to share Poe lives together Love to find a handsome White Man to Love Me and Take Care of me. Been on my own since I was a 16 want someone to love me and take care of me and share our lives together
    Love & Relationships35 to 55 years USA, Kansas City 4 months ago

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