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Metrosexual: Wanna look sexy!

The term metrosexual was coined by British journalist Mark Simpson in the 1990s. Back then it was a new idea. But today these men are everywhere. Why? Because they're a product of hyper-consumer society. Meticulous about their appearance, metrosexuals shop until they drop. Imagine a male version of the girls in Sex and the City. This of course sounds suspiciously like most city-dwelling gay men. But a significant proportion of metrosexual men are straight. Or so they claim. At least some of the time.

What is the meaning of metrosexual?

The word is a blend of metropolitan and sexual. And was first seen in a 1994 article by critic Mark Simpson in The Independent. Metrosexual men have plenty of spare cash to spend. And they use this to take advantage of all the pleasures that the modern city offers. And chief amongst this is a rapacious love of clothes and grooming. Oh, and sex. Lots of it.

How can I spot a metrosexual man?

Your typical metrosexual man looks like he has fallen out of the pages of a men’s lifestyle magazine. He’s young. And he’s glossiness itself. Not a hair will be out of place. Above or below. The gym is his second home. And this means that his muscles will be sculpted to an almost godlike degree. Moreover, his fashion sense is always on point. He'll embody the latest trends. And this includes wearing more flamboyant styles. Even clothes and colours that may be more associated with women. He exudes confidence. And is always daring. Remember David Beckham and his infamous sarongs? There can be a narcissistic quality to metrosexual men. The meaning of metrosexuality is to make self-care an obsession. In many ways, he’s the modern version of a Regency period Dandy.

Who do metrosexuals have sex with?

The jury is still out when it comes to their boudoir antics. They can be gay, straight or bisexual. Many metrosexual men are heterosexual but are at ease with gay men. Indeed, they frequently look like gay men. And this blurring of the lines is the secret of their appeal. However, there’s one certainty. Metrosexual men love themselves. To the point that some might even long to shaft their mirror images. That is unless you can provide them with a better option. Start by connecting on

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