HIV Positive

POZ: An important subject

POZ guys are those who have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Crucially, they have made an informed decision to identify as members of this tribe. The HIV virus leads to AIDS if it's untreated. However, it’s no longer the death sentence that it once was. Effective treatments mean that Gay POZ men can live long and healthy lives.

 Why is the Gay POZ tribe important?

 Gay POZ guys choose to be open about their status to avoid transmitting HIV. They have taken control of their health and how they speak about it. Both to other POZ guys and HIV-negative men. This plays a vital role in breaking down the fear and ignorance that surrounds HIV. Additionally, the tribe is a means for Gay POZ guys to support one another. And build a genuine sense of community.

How can HIV be prevented and treated?

The last three decades have seen major advances in the treatment and prevention of HIV. There are multiple options available. The most widely known of these is the use of condoms. Additionally, there is now PrEP and PEP. A gay POZ guy on treatment can have an undetectable HIV status. This means that levels of HIV in the blood are so low that he can’t pass the virus on to a partner. Undetectable is untransmittable. However, many people still do not fully understand what an undetectable HIV status means. If you identify as POZ then you are engaging in a meaningful dialogue about the realities of living with the virus.

What does it mean to have a POZmatch?

You have a POZmatch when one HIV-positive guy has sex with another HIV-positive man. Both men have been open with one another about their status.

What should HIV-negative guys know about POZ guys before they have sex with them?

A serodiscordant couple means a partnership in which one member is HIV negative and the other is POZ. These relationships are common. But misconceptions and prejudice still exist. Start with an honest conversation about your HIV status and any treatment you’re having. Education is the first step in prevention. And prevention is about understanding risks. And the treatment options that then allow you to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Proudly embrace your POZ status and connect with other HIV POZ and negative guys on Gays.com.

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