Drop-dead gorgeous

Gay Hunks: the most prized specimen

Gay Hunks have long reigned as one of the most prized specimens in the LGBT+ community. They’re the drop-dead gorgeous men who stop you in your paces. And get your every orifice trickling. While definitions of Gay Hunks vary depending on an individual’s preferences, some common denominators are at play here. Principally, we’re talking prime-man beef. The kind of magazine-cover-worthy physiques of the kinkiest dreams.

 Where does the term Gay Hunks come from?

 Gay Hunks are quite simply edible. They will fill you up. And have you drooling for more. Hunks can be traced back to 1813 and the Flemish word Hunke, which described a chunky piece of bread or meat. And naturally, it’s the meat we are interested in. Additionally, Gay Hunks are synonymous with Beefcake, male glamour photography, which harks back to the earliest celebrities. Think Latino lover boy Rudolph Valentino. But the golden age of Beefcake really got underway in the 1970s with magazines like Playgirl. Centrefolds of muscle-bound sex gods in the scantiest of boxers or briefs were designed to appeal to both women and gay men. Who cared whether the models were straight? Titillation was everything.

How muscular must Gay Hunks be?

Gay Hunks summon up divinely chiseled abs. And bulging biceps you could effortlessly crack walnuts on. Or a Pectoralis Major that resembles a not insignificant mountain range. But ideal muscle mass is different for every person. Moreover, there are multiple body type categories within the Gay Hunks tribe. However, the domain of Gay Hunks is frequently one of fantasy. Fantasies of shape and size. But here is the crucial question. Does his vital equipment below measure up to that tremendous torso? Are we destined to munch on the most sumptuous pork sword or a pitiful chipolata? Yes, sadly, Gay Hunks can be all smoke and mirrors.

What is the appeal of a hairy Hunk?

A Gay Bear can be a Hairy Hunk. Again, it all depends on the type of bear that gets you dripping. The Hairy Hunk does what he says on the tin. He provides oodles of body hair to keep you warm, wet and vigorous. And he is, of course, always handsomeness itself. Still searching for the ultimate Hairy Hunk? Explore the online meat-packing district that is for free.

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    Twink is slang for a gay man who possesses that most celebrated and envited trait of being gay: youth in abundance. Usually aged between his late teens and early twenties, he is untouched by the ravages of time. The mucky business of life and its disappointments have yet to do their work. A star of the gay world, a Gay Twink radiates hope and vitality and is blessed with legions of admirers.
    Big is bountiful and glorious with this tribe. Lovers of Gay Chubbies can’t get enough of excess flesh. Welcome to a subculture that raises chubby, overweight and obese men to godlike status. And not before time. For too long, we’ve been stifled by unrealistic beauty standards. Gay Chubbies and their admirers are beyond fat-igued with fat-shaming. And together, they’re shaping the plus-size revolution where big boys are hotter - and hornier.