As gay men, many of us are familiar with anal douching, but that doesn't mean we necessarily wanna chat about it over lunch. However, if you want to learn how to anal douche correctly and safely, then Alex Hopkins has prepared this handy guide...


Gay men are refreshingly open about their sex lives. But there are still some things we don’t really like to talk about. Topping this list is anal douching. Yes, unsurprisingly, pleasure and poop are not natural bedfellows (unless you're into scat, of course). 


Consequently, we often learn about douching on the job. Literally. And the results can sometimes be messy and off-putting. Sure, shit happens. It’s normal. However, the worst and most awkward sex scenarios are easily avoided by learning how to douche properly. Douching can also be dangerous if not done correctly, so it’s important to learn how to prepare for anal correctly if you’re cleaning your ass before sex. 

And, interestingly, studies and surveys show that most of us are douching our anus before getting a pounding. A 2019 study from the New York University School of Medicine looking at rectal douching behaviors in Paris, France, found that just over half (54%) used douches or enemas. And a small survey from the San Francisco Aids Foundation in 2017 also showed that 50% of respondents ‘usually’ douched before sex

Put down the shower hose! Never unscrew and douche shutterstock/Volodymyr Zakharov


So, it seems that plenty of us are douching and using enemas. But are we all always doing it correctly? I doubt it very much! Well, by the end of this article you will be equipped with all the info you need and ready to, er, go. Here’s our guide to how to anal douche safely and effectively.

Anal douching: why?

While douching isn’t essential prior to a good fucking, it offers two key benefits:

  1. Firstly, there’s cleanliness. Knowing that your butt is fully clean before anyone sticks their dick or tongue inside you can make both you and your sexual partner feel more confident and relaxed. Because when poop ‘accidents’ do happen – and they will – it can often become a boner killer for both partners. 
  2. Secondly, feces can carry harmful bacteria such as Shigellosis, the germ that causes shigella, a nasty infection that causes diarrhea, fever, sickness and stomach cramps. As anal douching reduces the risk of contact with the brown stuff, this can therefore reduce the risk of transmitting nasty, infection-causing bacteria such as shigella. Douching can be especially important if you enjoy rimming, as any residual poop in a guy's ass can be directly ingested when you go down on him. 


How to anal douche: six essentials

OK, so here are sex key things to bear in mind when considering how to use an anal douche correctly.

1. Location is everything

First up is basic anal douching housekeeping. The last thing you want is that magnificent shag pile carpet in your living room decimated! So, head to the bathroom. Douching in the shower is the obvious way to do it, as you can simply wash away any mess afterwards. 


2. Use the right liquid

Squirting the wrong type of liquid into your insides can disturb the delicate balance of electrolytes and bacteria required for a healthy body and digestion. 


“When it comes to how to anal douche in a fast and efficient manner, shower enema attachments are a popular choice amongst the gays. However, managing water temperature and pressure can be challenging.”

Douching too frequently with plain water can upset this balance, So, it’s far better to use a simple saline enema solution. These contain the right balance of sodium electrolytes. You can buy them online or at pharmacies.


3. Get the temperature right

With anal douching, you must get the water temperature right from the start. Why? Because if hot water feels unpleasant on your skin, imagine what it’ll do to the sensitive mucosal lining of your anus! So, avoid a scolded colon by repeatedly testing the water temperature before you pour it into an enema. It needs to be lukewarm.


4. Use the correct anal douching tools

Multiple douching devices are available. Here are four you can try:

  • Fleet enema

These come with a pre-lubricated nozzle. This reduces the chances of anal tearing. And because the volume of liquid that fleet enemas can hold is smaller than other devices, there’s less chance of you overindulging. Try one that includes saline.

  • Anal douche bulb

Just fill the rubber, reusable bulb with your saline solution. But be warned: the plastic nozzle can sometimes be uncomfortable to insert. However, that’s easily resolved using some lube.


  • Enema bag

Enema bags resemble hot water bottles and include an enema kit, tube, and nozzle. This lets you get up to two liters of water up there. But this also means you must be very careful not to squirt too much liquid into your rectum. Sometimes it can be tricky to control how much comes out of the bag. 


  • Shower enema

This is one douching method you’re probably familiar with already! When it comes to how to anal douche in a fast and efficient manner, shower enema attachments are a popular choice amongst the gays. Indeed, the installation of a hose on your shower to cleanse your bumhole boldly states that you’re an ever-ready power bottom. However, take great care with shower enemas. Managing water temperature and pressure can be challenging.


5. Get your timing right

Try to ensure that the majority of the water that you’ve put up your butt has come out before getting down to frisky business. Yes, the vast majority of water should flush out immediately, but some of it will linger. This means that you must resist taking a back-door delivery for at least an hour after anal douching. Remain close to the toilet in the interim. 

Make a splash! Learn how to douche properñy


6. Douching styles

As a self-respecting gay man, you’ll naturally accomplish everything with an enviable style. And this includes anal douching. There are broadly two styles for douching. 


“if you’re douching safely, don’t overdo it. If you're lucky enough to be getting regular cock, it’s still recommended to limit douching to 2-3 times a week.”


For a mini douche, opt for a classic silicone bulb douche. But if you’re gearing up for a marathon session with larger toys or a supersized dong, then use an enema bag for deeper cleaning.

A step-by-step guide on how to anal douche

So, you’re in the bathroom. You’ve chosen your douche and filled it with saline. Now, what’s the safest way to get it up your backside? Here are five steps to follow:

  1. Prep your hole and tool with lots of lube 
    Firstly, have a little play around you anus with a lubed finger, just as you might do before getting fucked. Apply plenty of lube to the nozzle of your douche. This minimises the chance of damage to your most delicate regions. 
  2. Insert – gently
    Breathe deeply and relax as you insert the nozzle’s tip into your arse. Do this slowly. Standing with a leg on the toilet or side of the bath helps to provide easier access. Get the nozzle far enough inside to ensure the water won’t leak out. But not too far – that’s for later!
  3. Squeeze – slowly
    Squeeze the douche bulb slowly to fill your rectum with water. But, importantly, only do this for around five seconds. Then remove the douche’s nozzle from your hole.
  4. Hold and shake
    Ideally, you should keep the water inside you for up to 30 seconds. Jumping up and down  slightly and massaging your lower abdomen can help shake things up and help with cleaning yourself out fully. 
  5. Toilet time
    Shift over to the toilet and expel the liquid. Simple. Repeat if necessary until the water that comes out is clean. Then you know you’re set. 


Is anal douching safe?

If you learn how to anal douche properly, then it should be safe. However, take your time and be gentle. Anal injuries that create open cuts and sores are an invitation to sexual transmissible infections (STIs), including HIV

In fact, a study from 2019 showed that you can damage rectal tissue and increase a person’s risk of STIs by using household products not intended for anal douching. Furthermore, a more recent study from 2021 found a connection between using inappropriate douching tools, such as a shower hose, and a higher risk of contracting HIV when having unprotected sex.

So, although it can be tempting to simply unscrew the shower head and put the hose to your ass – especially if you’re over at a hook-up’s house – you should skip that idea and always use a proper douching device. Never anything homemade. Likewise with the liquid. Your gut and digestive tract contains friendly bacteria and you need to preserve it. A simple saline solution helps safeguard microbiome stability. So can enemas containing a probiotic.



Even if you’re douching safely as described above, don’t overdo the process. If you're lucky enough to be getting so much cock on a regular basis, it’s still recommended to limit douching to 2-3 times a week. Over-douching can cause anal irritation, damage your intestinal lining, and can also affect the contraction of the colon, leading to serious constipation.


Takeaway: anal douching

Gay men need to be cool with the fact that if they are having anal sex, sometimes poop is going to make an appearance. While some mature guys are fine with it, other tops get angry and end sex sessions at the slightest speck of shit. This behavior can shame the bottom, but a person should never be judged for a natural bodily function. Remember, it’s an ass; aside from a place to stick your cock, its primary purpose is to export excrement. 

However, sadly you will always encounter men that are put off by poop. So, learning how to douche can help eliminate some of your fears if you are bottoming. Douching is about personal choice. And practice. Always listen to your body. You’ll find the procedure is easy and safe when you get the hang of it. 


We can't promise that you'll find anal douching delightful. But it will give you invaluable peace of mind when you’re about to get down to fun. The trick is to look upon it less as an onerous task and more as an act of self-love – even anticipation for the horizontal jogging to come!  • 
Main image: shutterstock/axeiz


What works best for you when it comes to anal douching? Share your tips with the community below…

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