Genital Piercings

Genital Piercings

Ear rings are, of course, common place now – and gone is the time that having one might mean that a guy was gay. But pierced ears and noses are just where it starts. You want to give the best blow jobs in town? Have a stud through your tongue. Or perhaps you get a particular thrill out of jangling people’s fillings, in which case a huge Prince Albert through your bell end may be the way to do. Nipples, clits, foreskins, labias, pubic mounds – they’re all ripe for a good risqué piercing. The goal here isn’t beauty – it’s pure, unadulterated sexual pleasure.


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    Hey, I was reading about genital piercings in the magazine as I've always wanted to get frenum piercing. Has anyone got any tips about aftercare? ...
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