“We’re born naked, and the rest is drag,” said the legendary drag queen RuPaul – and who are we to argue with him? Clothes are a societal construct; fashions change over time and, those proponents of nudism frequently see clothes as a way of hiding your sexuality. There’s a real freedom involved in discarding them and letting everything hang loose. Obviously, you can’t pop out for a pint of milk in your birthday suit, but there are plenty of places – from beaches to clubs and private parties - where you can parade your wears with like-minded people – and avoid all judgment.


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  • I love being naked - Gay Guys! <3

    Like the subject says, I love to be naked. Nothing quite like sitting around butt ass naked. I sleep naked all the time as well. Hell, I'm even naked right no Even if it's freezing cold in my room, I' ...
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  • A fantasy of mine is to spend a weekend (or even week) together naked with lots of other guys (preferably ages 20-40 and in good shape/slim) and where we can go from teasing foreplay to full on lickin ...
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  • Nigerians in hiding after being beaten and paraded naked Three men from Nigeria have fled into hiding after being paraded naked and brutally beaten for allegedly being caught having gay sex 19 Jan ...
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