Tattoos have always been used to make a statement. In the past, they’ve been associated with a wide variety of different sub-cultures. They can denote belonging, whether that be to a class or a gang. Inscribe your own secret language and desires on to your skin and create your own work of art. Tribal tattoos are now particularly popular with gay men, and some are more inventive than others. Be as exotic or as prosaic as you like. Be mysterious with an ancient language daubed on your torso, or utterly blatant with the word ‘Sex’ emblazoned at the top of your arse.


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  • tattoos - Lesbian Ladies

    hey ladies i just thought i would let those who are in brisbane that vince is the best tattoo artist that i have ever had he has done ten tattoos for and two were free hand look if u are looking for a ...
  • ink - Lesbian Ladies

    hey ladies i was just wondering if there is any lovers of ink . maybe for a chat or if you are in brisbane meet ups to talk anything and everything ,ladies with the love of ink will understand . her ...
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  • Tattoos!!! - Gay Guys! <3

    I really want a tattoo but i don't know what i want to get. Does anyone have any suggestions?? ...
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