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Legs: Crurophilia

A guy's height is often one of the first things that we notice. And his tantalising torso is of course underpinned by legs. Many of us have height preferences when seeking a magnificent mate. But for some, legs take on a far greater meaning. Crurophilia or a Legs Fetish is the sexual attraction to legs. And it offers endless erotic possibilities.

 Different types of legs: what turns you on?

The joke goes that Muscle Marys frequently miss the leg workout day down the gym. And consequently, they’re top-heavy. But without sufficient support from those pins. However, legs come in all shapes and sizes. They’re thick, shapely, muscular or thin. And guys with a Legs Fetish drool over different types. Moreover, a Legs Fetish can target a particular area. For some, it’s a perfect pair of thunder thighs. Or curvaceous calves. Or knees on which you could crack a walnut. Research shows that people are generally attracted to longer legs. But guys into shorter specimens, perfect pocket monsters, will naturally protest. However, the common denominator with a Legs Fetish is the teasing nature of the legs themselves. And this is as old as time. For example, a significant number of Victorian men came over all unnecessary at the sight of ankles. Kinky bastards.

What might your Legs Fetish look like in action?

Perhaps you may be content with admiring from afar? With only looking. And not touching. And then fantasising in private. But where’s the fun in that? A Legs Fetish is about action. And this frequently centres on leg worship. The need to touch. And revere. And as with all kinks, a Legs Fetish can be enjoyed gently. Stroking. Kissing. Licking. But, again, where’s the joy there? Why not sample something a tad tougher and more degrading? A spot of trampling perhaps? Or being crushed between meaty thighs?

What about clothing and a Gay Legs Kink?

Those gorgeous gams are crying out to be adorned with alluring attire. You may opt for the slinkiest shorts, which reveal your religion. Or perhaps your Gay Legs Kink is focussed on skin-tight jeans. But be warned. Getting out of those in a hurry is invariably something of a passion killer. However, far kinkier offerings are available for a Gay Legs Kink. Luxuriate in lingerie. And take your pick from pantyhose to garters and suspenders.

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Our feet are the most used part of our anatomy. Given the indispensable role they play in our lives, it's a no-brainer that they’re used in our extracurricular antics. Indeed, our feet are second behind our beef bayonets and bountiful backdoors when it comes to the most commonly eroticised body parts. But despite this, foot fetishism is still shrouded in mystery and mockery. It’s time to peel off those dowdy socks. Wriggle those toes. Put your best foot forward. And greedily embrace a new realm of salacious shenanigans.
Few things are better than having to do very little while being serviced. Gay Facesitting is the act of taking a perch on your other half’s face whilst exposing their delectable undercarriage to some full-on stimulation. It’s frequently performed as part of a BDSM routine. And is a surefire way to signify dominance over your lover. Think professional wrestling but without your kit on. And with your todger and starfish eager for a thorough tongue lashing.
Feet are essential for all our journeys. To work. To the club. And to and in the bedroom. But too often we take them for granted. And don’t understand the multiple, erotic ways they can be used. Foot fetishism remains the most mainstream and popular of fetishes. And thanks to the many different types of Gay Footwear, there are countless inventive ways to tantalise your trusted trotters. So, put your best foot forward and kick start your new kink.