Is big always better? For some, when it comes to dick size they won't consider anything less than XXL! Alex Hopkins chatted to three size queens about why they will only play with well endowed guys. If you didn't know the meaning of size queen, you will after reading this!


The bigger the better the old maxim goes. And when it comes to dick size, many a gay man would agree. A mammoth weapon of doom yet extraordinarily deep delights has long been prized by gay men. Now wonder many men – of all sexualities – are on an internal hunt for how to make their dick look bigger.

Defined as a person who prefers a sexual partner with a large penis, the term size queen was actually invented by gay men. It can be traced back to Polari. But it’s also increasingly used by straight women who covet well-endowed gentlemen callers.

Every size queen has different requirements. However, it’s fair to say that none of them would even sniff at the reported average penis size of between five and six inches. And this has won the gay size queen a bad reputation. He's often dismissed as greedy, selfish and shallow. But how true and fair are these judgements? We checked in with three self-professed size queens to talk about measuring up... or not.


Size queens speak!

Three size queens tell us why they will only drop their pants for well endowed men – across five different subject areas.


1. Definitions and desires

How far can a size queen trace his desire for mega monsters back? Dan, 24, started having sex at 17, with older guys. ‘I love daddies,’ he says. ‘It’s about manliness. And a big dick goes hand in hand with that for me. Anything less than 8 inches? No, thanks, mate,’ he says with a laugh. 

Size queens: does your dick measure up?

‘Size queens are looked down on, especially among gay men. Jealousy and insecurity, I reckon. And, yep, I’m greedy. I admit it. But the meaning of a size queen, for me, isn’t just someone into big dick. It’s someone who takes real pride in enjoying a huge dick. And who’s great at it. Many guys can’t satisfy well endowed guys. I can. So, I’m giving those guys something too.’


“Size queens are looked down on, especially among gay men. Jealousy and insecurity, I reckon. And, yep, I'm greedy. I admit.”


Dan loves being ‘stretched out,’ and the challenge of taking well endowed men. ‘The sensation of a big dick hitting the back of your throat and getting into that second hole is amazing. It’s animalistic.’


He finds his partners online via gay apps and always asks for visual proof of ‘XXL cocks’. But how does he react when guys send him an image and it doesn’t measure up to his stringent conditions? ‘I carefully and respectfully explain that they’re not for me.’ But doesn’t this aspect of being a size queen make him feel bad? ‘Sometimes. But I’m always polite. Everyone has a type. And plenty of other guys will go for them.’


2. App inches and real inches

One of the problems with the apps, claims size queen Paul, 37, who demands nothing less than ‘nine inches and thick’, is that guys lie about their size. ‘It pisses me off. You get guys claiming they’re 9 inches, but that’s 9 app inches. In real life, it’s more like 6.5.’


But, despite the visual tricks available on smartphones, Paul says he can spot a ‘fibber’. And his reaction is far harsher than Dan’s. He blocks them. 

But what happens if he gets chatting with someone in a club? How does he predict what they’re packing down below? ‘All that stuff about big feet and long fingers is bollocks. So, I ask them directly how big they are. No time wasting.’


3. Pleasure, pain and porn

Whereas Dan admits that he still ‘struggles’ to take huge dicks and that the feeling of being ‘ruined’ turns him on, for Paul, it’s become more a question of what fits. 


‘I’ve been a practising size queen all my life, so obviously my hole’s not as tight as it was,’ he says. ‘Anything under 9 inches just won’t hit the spots. And, frankly, the top won’t feel much either. So, I don’t think I’m selfish. It’s about mutual pleasure.’

Going bananas for well endowed guys shutterstock/STECKLO

And because he’s ‘significantly looser,’ Paul finds that he gets off on pain more than he used to. ‘It’s the surprise of it. And the pain is wrapped in this dark, intense, almost forbidden pleasure.’


I wonder what impact internet porn has on becoming a size queen. And what kind of size we expect and want. ‘I think of porn when I was 20, and look at it now, and I do think it’s more extreme,’ says Paul. 


‘Gays have always been obsessed with big dicks. But now there’s this language of being wrecked, destroyed. Porn’s made it more open.’


4. Pushing limits and banishing shame

It’s the long, rigorous strokes of super-sized schlongs that Tony, 54, relishes. ‘You can feel the power, your limits being pushed. What’s the meaning of a size queen for me? A guy who can accommodate Cutler X proportions. And yeah, I can!’


“Gays have always been obsessed with big dicks. But now there's this language of being wrecked, destroyed. Porn's made it more open.”


‘I remember pre-internet days,’ he adds. ‘Look, size queens have always been around. They’re just more visible now. And there’s less shame about them saying what they want, which is good.’

Even now, despite over 30 years of cock-guzzling experience, Tony still encounters a huge dick that takes his breath away. ‘Being a size queen is a vocation,’ he says.


5. Taking it deep with deeper connections

But doesn’t such an enduring quest for monster meat fuel accusations of shallowness among gay men? And do size queens never have memorable sexual experiences with less well endowed guys?

Suck it and see: is big always better? shutterstock/Creative Cat Studio


‘Rarely,’ Tony says. Does he think that being a size queen has meant he's missed out on deeper connections? ‘I’ve had three long, happy relationships. And those guys were extremely well endowed,’ he says. ‘Hung guys are just what I prefer. It’s like some guys only want to have sex with blondes or twinks. But I won’t rule a guy out if he’s smaller than I usually go for if he ticks other boxes. Never say never. Not much smaller, though!'


Tony pauses. ‘But I also think it’s really important to treat guys with huge dicks as people first, not as toys to be used to fulfil a fetish. For example, you see this a lot with the racist acronym BBC [big black cock]. All guys have feelings. Even us size queens!’


The bottom line: size queens

The meaning of a size queen is integrally related to erotizing big dick. And this inevitably leaves it open to accusations of objectification. Moreover, it has seen size queens being misunderstood if not outright demonized.

But one could argue that being a size queen is just another sexual preference. And that this is perfectly acceptable. But with one vital caveat: all potential and actual sexual partners must be treated with kindness, honesty and respect. •
Main image: shutterstock/Dadann


What do you think of size queens? Do you love or loathe them? Are you only into well endowed men guys yourself? Let us know by commenting below.

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